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Zorb® 3D LITE Dimples Super Absorbent Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

Zorb® 3D LITE Dimples Super Absorbent Fabrics

Zorb 3D LITE Dimple super absorbent fabric is a new innovation in absorbent fabrics; it is thin yet unbelievably absorbent. Engineered for stealthy products where thinness is a priority, the LITE Dimple features the same three-dimensional engineered dimple pattern that provides greater retention, superior hold, faster distribution of moisture and less leaking under compression.

In our high-tech world with advanced fabrics, we tend to forget that not all absorbent fabrics are created equal. Designed with compressed 3D Zorb fibers, these fibers will start performing optimally after a few washes, so your product's absorbency will increase over time! That's why Zorb 3D LITE dimple super absorbent fabric is the perfect solution for your thin, lightweight, and economical needs.