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ProSoft® Loop Terry Waterproof ECO-PUL™ Fabrics

Are you looking for a fabric that is silky soft and waterproof? Our ProSoft Loop Terry Waterproof ECO-PUL Fabrics are just for you!

These fabrics are super absorbent, durable, flexible, eco-friendly, and they work well for many projects. Use ProSoft Loop Terry Waterproof ECO-PUL Fabrics for cloth diapers, diaper bags, shower curtains, camping gear, and more!

These fabrics have been tested for durability, and they can withstand over 300 washes! They’re manufactured in America without the use of harmful chemicals.

We have options that are FoodSafe, as well as ones that feature Antimicrobial Silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and algae, and to control bad odors. 

All you have to do is pick a fabric, pick a color, and then we’ll do the rest. Happy browsing!