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Cloth Diaper Fabrics Finder

What is the best fabric combination for reusable cloth diapers? It's a tough question with multiple answers, but we're here to help you sort through the noise. We have partnered with AKAS Tex, Lycra, CoolMax, Cotton Inc & Silvadur to design & create the best fabrics for making safe reusable cloth diapers for your little one. We broke down their construction and provided a list of fabrics for each layer so that finding the best combinations is easier than ever. 

Cloth Diapers usually have 3 layers, (some even have 2-layers that sometimes merge the stay dry+absorbent or absorbent+waterproof layers into one). For the wider case-use, we will include information for all the 3 layers, along with the absorbent+waterproof combo fabric. Below we have included the 3 layers, along with the fabrics that can be used in those 3 layers.

3-Layer Construction

2-Layer Construction

As you can see, it's not a question of, "What is the best fabric combination to use?", but rather, "What are the best fabric combinations and which will work best for my little one?" It all depends on the design of the reusable cloth diaper and your personal preference. 

We do recommend you purchase a swatch first, so you can see and feel the fabric before purchasing a larger quantity for your specific application.

Once you have your fabric layers picked out, you will also need to ensure that you have snaps and elastics to keep your diaper secure and in place.

  1. Elastics

    The elastics below are made in USA and known to be durable, any of them would work well for your cloth diapers.

  2. Snaps



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