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ProSoft Waterproof 1 mil ECO-PUL™ Fabric (72" wide) (W-407)

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  • 100% Free of PFOS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals & BPA; Free from phthalates: contains no DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DnOP. Read Blog Article

  • 100% eco-friendly.

  • Super soft, breathable and flexible.

  • CPSIA certified, meeting stringent standards by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission on lead and phthalates and flammability.

  • Very durable, tested to withstand 300+ washings.

  • Unique process permanently melt-bonds our specially-treated 1-mil TPU film to the fabric without toxic solvents. The process emits no toxic waste or VOCs that are harmful to the environment.

  • The fabric is manufactured with no harmful chemicals or finishes in controlled conditions in American textile mills.

  • Number one choice in cloth diapers, wet bags, diaper bags, travel bags, shower curtains, outerwear, mattress covers, incontinence products & other waterproof products.

  • This material can also prevent dust mites, since they are tiny but still physical.

Country of Origin: Made in USA
🇺🇸 Learn Why Oeko Tex Certification is NOT Relevant to American Made Fabrics

Manufacturer: AKAS Tex

Fabric Content: A proprietary blend of polyester & polyurethane engineered for high performance
📚 Read about Fiber Content for Fabrics - Labeling Made Easy

Fabric Weight: 155 GSM / 4.6 ounces per square yard

Fabric Width: 70" - 72" wide / 177 cm - 182 cm wide

Approx. Stretch (Length): Minimal
Approx. Stretch (Width): 10%

Quantity Information: Quantity = number of continuous yards., Orders of more than 10 yards may ship in more than 1 piece. If you would like a continuous piece, please leave a comment & we will try to accommodate your request., Seconds quality material may not ship in completed lengths. They may be in several cut pieces not less than 18" or so.

Care Instructions: No prewash, Wash hot, Wash with like colors, Dry medium, No Fabric softener, Only non-chlorine bleach if needed, Warm iron if needed on fabric side
Read about the 7 Reasons Your Fabric Could Break Down - Fabric Care Made Easy

💧 Apply Seam Sealing Tape (for light to medium weight PUL, ProCare or other polyurethane or vinyl coated fabrics) or Seam Sealing Tape Heavy Duty (for medium to heavy weight PUL (2-5 mil), ProCare HD or medium to heavy weight polyurethane or vinyl coated fabrics) over sewn seams of fabric to make them windproof/waterproof - NOT recommended to replace stitching.

Important Note about strong odors from PUL fabrics:
These fabrics are made on industrial machines; there are no chemicals used on them during manufacturing, but the lamination process in which the PU film is adhered to the base fabrics at a very high temperature produces an odor. The smell usually dissipates as it sits in our warehouse for a while, but our PULs sell out very fast, so there is rarely a chance for the manufacturing smell to air out. The odor diminishes over time, but washing and drying the fabrics will expedite the process. Run them through a quick wash & dry cycle to get rid of any odors.

Additional Care Instructions:
  • Preparing your fabric: This fabric is delivered cut & sew ready, pre-washing is neither recommended nor required. If you must pre-wash your yardage, use a gentle cycle and hang dry to avoid wringing damage.

  • Fabric sticking: This is a common problem with plasticized fabrics like PUL. It's best to use a Teflon foot, these are available at sewing stores for between $3 and $10 for most machines. If you can't get a teflon foot, you can try sewing through wax paper or daubing a tiny amount of sewing machine oil on your presser foot.

  • Leaking after sewing: Make sure you use good quality polyester thread. Tex-27 or 65/2 grades are the best. Cotton or rayon threads should not be used in diapers as they naturally wick moisture. Also make sure you use BALL POINT NEEDLES! Remember, PUL is a knit, so like all knits use a ballpoint needle. Sharps (the kind you use for wovens and felts) will slice the yarns which will cause the holes around the threads to enlarge and leak.

  • Need PUL for binding: You can make your own binding from PUL knits (instead of using FOE). Cut strips across the grain if you desire some stretch, and with the grain if you want to limit stretch. PUL is a knit base so you DO NOT cut it on the bias.

  • Washing Instructions: It is recommended to use a zero residue detergent - liquid detergent preferably. Wash temperatures can be hot, between 145 and 165 degree F (65 to 75 degree C).
    DO NOT use bleach. If required non chlorine oxygenated bleach can be used sparingly, provided the detergent should not already contain sodium percarbonate (the active ingredient in many oxygenated bleaches). The detergent must also not contain any Fabric softeners, Natural oils, Perfumes, Dyes, UV brighteners, Stain guard ingredients, Enzymes.
    DO NOT add washing soda, soda ash or soda crystals to the detergent. The use of vinegar and/or baking soda can together or individually cause delamination.

  • Rinsing Instructions: It is highly recommended to add an extra rinse cycle since even minute traces of detergent or other washing chemicals which may not have been washed out from the diaper/product made from the PUL are highly detrimental to the film and reduce the life of the laminate.

  • Drying Instructions: Dry on medium heat, at a temperature not more than 130 degree F (50 degree C). Use of drying sheet with fabric softeners is not recommended. DO NOT wring or iron on the film side. Any urethane film is affected by bleach, chlorine and dry heat exceeding 130 degree F.
    Exposure to sunlight affects the urethane film. The film will turn yellow and crack over time. When the UV index is high this can happen in as little as 10 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
B.G. (Los Angeles, US)
Sewing Tips: Easy to use with conventional sewing, craft adhesives (I used E-6000), and grommets.
Product Uses: Liners for household storage containers
Great Fabric w/Great Writeup Online!

The ProSoft Waterproof 1mil ECO-PUL fabric is as versatile as it is durable, and it's so easy to fold, cut, and sew (even through multiple layers).I was able to choose EXACTLY what I needed for a specific project, because the writeup of this fabric was so thorough and clear. Both the fabric and the website are everything I needed -- thank you!

Thomas Shivers (Beckton, GB)
Sewing Tips: Not yet
Product Uses: Rain capes

Fabric was beautifully soft and pliable.

Will let you know how it sewed after June when I have someone sew the rain capes. Tnahk you.


May J.
Perfect for clothpads

Excelent product! I use them for my shop of clothpads and they do their job perfectly. They are thin and easy to manage. I haven't had any problems with it.

Megan K.
I would buy more products from this company.

I like the quality of the product and the price.

Jovi O.
Just perfect

I made a proof with this fabric before using it and it really works! Now I feel free to use it on my products(menstrual cloth pads and pantieliners). So easy to cut and sew. Love it. Arrived at time, nice package, clean.

Kat F.

Great hidden layer for cloth menstrual pads. Good weight, easier to work with than other PUL I've used.

Barbra B.
Plan to use this product again!

This PUL handles well and is a good weight for the project for which it was selected. This is to cover a piece of foam for a specific size baby mattress. The fabric side is against the foam. An additional piece of PUL is used to make a removable mattress cover.

Lacy J.
Loving this fabric..

It is not too thick nor too thin. Quite stretchy. Soft on one side and a shiny almost patent leather look on the other side. Easy to cut and doesn't fray, sewing it is a little tricky, but not prohibitively so. I purchased this fabric to make washable panty liners, since using disposable panty liners all the time seems like a waste. I plan to do a layer of cotton on the bottom (either plain cotton like in quilting fabrics or flannel), next one layer of PUL as a waterproof layer, over the PUL one layer of bamboo fleece as an absorbent layer, and one layer of cotton on top. I'm creating a liner with wings, last I will add some snaps on the wings so it stays put in a panty. I think this fabric would be excellent for a variety of uses; washable incontinence pads, washable menstrual pads, washable panty liners, washable diapers, lining diaper bags, bibs, changing pads, lining cosmetic bags, etc. I'm very happy with the fabric. I admit, this is my first time working with PUL. I have nothing to compare it to, but I'm very happy with it. Very fast shipping, I ordered over a weekend, and I received it on a Wednesday.

Lou L.
Sew many colors

There are so many colour options! Love all these colorful options ! Can you bring in a neon yellow color too?

Madison I.
Best PUL ever

This PUL is the best, because it's such great quality and so great at waterproofing. No-one else sells PUL that's as good as wazoodle's.





*Wazoodle Fabrics makes no representations, collateral agreements, conditions or other warranties of any nature or kind, express or implied, with respect to such information or product and assumes no responsibility as to the accuracy or the suitability of the information or product for purchaser’s intended uses. The purchaser should conduct its own tests to determine the suitability of the material for their particular application.




No Returns Policy

All our orders are custom and cut to size. Due to the nature of our process, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges.

Warranty Info
  • All natural fiber fabrics may have small holes, runs, etc. in the fabric. These are out of our control, however we take precaution & send you extra yardage in lieu of the defect.
  • All bolts & rolls may have a +/- 10% variation. Discounted pricing reflects any discrepancies.
  • Bolts & Rolls Seam & Damage Allowance - May contain seams where two ends of the fabric are sewn or taped together or marks which can be easily washed away. We always give extra yardage for seam & damage allowances.
  • Hook & Loop are custom cut to your specifications. No returns accepted.
  • Elastics are custom cut to your specifications. No returns accepted.
  • Snaps & some elastics are packaged by weight so count is approximate. Pricing reflects possible minor quantity discrepancies.

Specs Disclaimer

This information is obtained by industry accepted test methods and represents typical data. Nothing contained herein is to be construed as permission or recommendation to infringe any patent. It is furnished for your general information only and does not represent a warranty or guarantee of Wazoodle Fabrics.

Wazoodle Fabrics makes no representations, collateral agreements, conditions or other warranties of any nature or kind, express or implied, with respect to such information or product and assumes no responsibility as to the accuracy or the suitability of the information or product for purchaser’s intended uses. The purchaser should conduct its own tests to determine the suitability of the material for their particular application.

The foregoing statements shall supersede the terms and conditions, whether express or implied, of any separate agreement of purchase and sale between Wazoodle and the purchaser.

Copyrights & Trademarks

AKASTiq® is a registered trademark of AKAS Tex.
Dri-QWick™ is a registered trademark of AKAS Tex.
ECO-PUL™ is a registered trademark of AKAS Tex.
ProCare® is a registered trademark of AKAS Tex.
ProCool® is a registered trademark of AKAS Tex.
ProECO® is a registered trademark of AKAS Tex.
ProSoft® is a registered trademark of AKAS Tex.
Stretch-FIT™ is a registered trademark of AKAS Tex.
TransWICK™ is a registered trademark of AKAS Tex.

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Lycra is a registered trademark of The LYCRA Company.

Zorb® is a registered trademark of Wazoodle Fabrics.

Can I use your brand information on my products?

Yes, it is possible, however please see the Licensing FAQ for all the requirements.

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