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The Dri-QWick Origin Story: The Perfect Fabric for Scrubs and Uniforms-Wazoodle Fabrics

The Dri-QWick Origin Story: The Perfect Fabric for Scrubs and Uniforms

ProCool Dri-QWick™ has been a savior and a super-performer in the PPE crisis in many ways. It is the perfect fabric for not only sportswear, but for daily-wear garments such as scrubs, institutional uniforms, and masks! And to think, it almost never came to market!

Two years ago, we were approached by a Missouri-state agency for a fabric for daily-wear uniforms for their institution. The requirements were that it should be durable, quick-drying, very comfortable to wear; feel nice & soft against the skin; have minimal creasing; be extra-good at wicking away moisture from the skin; have good drape and a nice hand. Whew, what a long list! Our engineers sharpened their pencils and got to work. And ProCool Dri-QWick was born!

The developed fabric exceeded the specs and the expectations in performance and was readily approved by the technical team. But instead of receiving a purchase order, we were directed to a government bid, a process that we dutifully completed. We LOST the bid. The company that won the bid was supplying imported fabric. Even though the RFQ stated that Made-in-USA was preferred, they still went for the lowest price; and our price was higher by only a few cents! So, we decided not to spend any time on bidding for government work, until they focus on Made in America. This year they approached us again, and we respectfully declined.

Instead, we developed the fabric further to enhance its wicking and drying properties and launched the ProCool Dri-QWick brand with COOLMAX®. It was an immediate hit!

And then the Covid crisis came and, with it, a shortage of PPEs. Dri-Qwick’s close-knit but breathable structure, the engineered pattern, the super-fine fibers used and the quick-drying COOLMAX properties made it very well-suited for masks. Dri-Qwick was quickly repurposed for use in masks: as the inner layer to keep the wearer dry and cool and as the outer layer to trap aerosols and contamination, with a filtration layer in between. And, as an additional benefit, we added Antimicrobial SILVADUR™ protection.

When the face-mask crisis hit in March, the Dri-QWick stock was sold out within two weeks. People were clamoring for it, but PA mills were ordered closed, so we had to quickly find mills in other states to start knitting, which we successfully did.

Now the Dri-QWick is being made in many colors, and especially in all our medical colors. It can also be printed on easily. Use it for scrubs, T-shirts, coveralls, slacks, pajamas, capris, masks, skirts, tops. Can you think of something else?

It gives much-needed cooling comfort when worn under gowns and coveralls.

ProCool fabrics are simply the best Made-in-USA, high-performance, stay-dry fabrics. Designed by our own textile engineers, ProCool® fabrics are extremely breathable with amazing wickability. Soft and durable, ProCool Dri-Qwick is made with specialty fibers to rapidly capture and distribute moisture to keep you feeling dry and fresh—& we manufacture it with no harmful chemicals or finishes! Each yard of ProCool fabric reflects the love and labor of a US mill worker and jobs created in USA.


Sustainable Innovation. Made with love in USA. Try the magic of ProCool Dri-Qwick today!

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