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2-in-1 Absorbent + Waterproof Layer Fabric Finder for Cloth Menstrual Pads (or Feminine Pads)

The best fabrics for cloth menstrual pads used to be just that: a combination of multiple fabrics. For optimal performance, they required a stay dry moisture wicking fabric, an absorbent fabric and a waterproof fabric. When paired together, this combination was extremely efficient for the unique superabsorbentwaterprooftion job, but purchasing each layer separately required a lot of cutting and sewing...

All of that hassle is a thing of the past thanks to this 2-in-1 collection of superabsorbentwaterprooftion fabrics; the waterproof and absorbent features are already combined, so when you get your fabric, the only cutting and sewing that's needed is to create the desired shape for your cloth menstrual pads! You can always pair it with an additional stay dry layer if needed. 

Save money and time on your cloth menstrual pads by purchasing absorbent and waterproof features in one layer with these Zorb 4D and ProSoft ECO-PUL fabrics.

For an optimal comfort experience with any Zorb 4D fabrics, we strongly suggest complementing them with a ProCool moisture wicking fabric to act as the wicking top layer. This pairing effectively eliminates any sensations of dampness or wetness that may occur when Zorb 4D is used as a standalone layer in applications intended for direct skin contact.