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From Poolside Revelation to Performance Revolution: The Cooling Fabric Tale

From Poolside Revelation to Performance Revolution: The Cooling Fabric Tale

It's a familiar scene for most of us: you jump out of a pool on a blistering summer day, and suddenly, amidst the scorching 98-degree heat, you feel... cold. That's right, COLD.

In 2018, one man experienced this very sensation and thought, "Hold on a minute! If I'm cold after a swim in nearly 100-degree weather, there's some magical science thing happening here. Eureka! Or should I say... Evapureka?" Thus, the journey to create the ultimate cooling fabric began.


 A (COOL) Brainwave

Our fabric guru wasn't having a typical summer day lounging by the pool. Nope, the poolside became his laboratory, his moment of 'eureka' (or 'evapureka', if we're sticking with our puns). He wondered, "If my skin can feel the wonders of evaporative cooling, why can't we have a fabric that emulates the same effect?"

Turns out, when you've got 52 years in the textile industry, creating a groundbreaking fabric isn't just a daydream—it's a thrilling challenge!


Trials, Errors, and Aha Moments!

Designing the fabric wasn't a stroll in the park. Well, maybe a few strolls were involved, probably to clear his head from the occasional hiccups. On the first try, our genius had a fabric that could spread sweat but felt... a tad too damp. The feedback was like, "Nice attempt, but I'd rather not feel like I'm inside a damp sock."

Back to the drawing board!

Round two? Getting closer! The innovative 'Valley-Hill' knit emerged. It sounds like a location from a fantasy novel, but it's a lot cooler (pun intended!). The fabric could now channel sweat and begin the evaporative process. But still, not quite perfect.

Finally, after integrating Lycra and a proprietary one-way moisture-wicking fiber, jackpot! The third iteration was the charm.


When the Lab Was Left Gobsmacked

Now, when you've got a fabric that feels like a million bucks, you send it to a lab to get that fact stamped. That's what our textile maestro did. And boy, were the lab folks in for a surprise. They hadn't seen a fabric perform with such consistency across tests.

After a flurry of tests on yards of fabric, the lab verdict was clear: "We've never seen anything like this!" Talk about validation!


Real Feedback from Real People

Remember Mike? The veteran who runs 5 miles a day? Post-run, he used to be drenched. Then, he tried our fabric. Now he's dry and shouts praises over early morning calls. And Nina, the lawn tennis player? She felt she had a sneaky advantage against her competitors. Not that we're endorsing cheating, but hey, if staying cooler gives you an edge, who are we to argue?


Why This Changes Everything (Especially for Athletes!)

For the sports industry, this isn't just a fabric; it's a game changer. Imagine running a marathon, playing an intense tennis match, or cycling uphill, and feeling a continuous cooling sensation. It's like having a personal air conditioner. Performances would skyrocket, records would tumble, and athletes? They'd have us to thank. Just saying. 

Knowing that our proprietary cooling fabric technology works under extremes like those creating by athletes, imagine how powerful it will be for you and your day to day needs. Are you often overheated? Do sweat stains cause embarrassment? What about night sweats or the misery of chafing skin caused by sweat and friction when wearing lesser fabrics? Here at Wazoodle Fabrics, we hear our makers when you reach out and communicates your personal pain points and ask for our help to solve them. The uses for the markets only sustainable cooling fabric, like all of our fabrics, is limited only to ones own imagination! 


Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming blog posts specific to highlighting potential uses and projects perfect for our cooling fabric. 



At Wazoodle, we're not just in the business of fabrics. We're in the business of innovation, storytelling, and improving lives, one cool thread at a time. So, here's to the cooling fabric—born from a day by the pool, destined to change the world of sports and beyond. 



Have questions about our cooling fabrics? We are here to help! Shoot us an email at support@wazoodle.com 

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