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The WazWool® Merino Wool PROMISE-Wazoodle Fabrics

The WazWool® Merino Wool PROMISE

The WazWool® Merino Wool Fabrics PROMISE: We will only use wool from ethical sources, from sheep farms in USA that adhere to the five freedoms of animal welfare and only 100% Mulesling free Merino wool to make the Wazwool Fabrics. Wazwool fabrics are manufactured exclusively in USA.

Why use Wazwool Merino Wool?

WazWool Merino wool fabrics are soft, plush and versatile made in USA with the softest merino wool fiber from Merino sheep raised in USA, 100% Mulesling free.

Merino wool is soft against the skin, helps in regulating body temperature, repels water and dirt particles; resists odor build up, wicks away sweat and water vapor from the body keeping you warm and dry in the winter and cool and dry in the summer. It is a natural fiber, biodegradable, fire resistant.

Key features of WazWool

Jim Hiers, Director of Sales from Chargeurs Wool USA says: Our wool yarn supplier guarantees all the wool to be 100% mulesling free. The raw wool used to make them is 100 % US domestic, grown and shorn entirely within the U.S. The wool comes from US Merino sheep and most of this wool comes from the Midwest U.S., with a large portion coming from what we call the Rocky Mountain States (Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah).

Our average lot size on this grade is in the neighborhood of 50,000 lbs. (might take 80,000 -100,000 lbs. greasy wool to make this 50,000). These are some of the best quality wools produced in the US for fineness, color and length. This grade is used to fill orders with the US Government for very demanding military and government programs - dress uniforms, scarlet cloth and many others.

The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

Our US wool source is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and strongly believes that the American wool growers from whom we source our US Domestic raw wool adhere to the " five freedoms " of animal welfare. These freedoms are:

  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst
  2. Freedom from discomfort
  3. Freedom from pain, injury, and disease
  4. Freedom to express most normal animal behavior.
  5. Freedom from fear and distress

In the US our wool growers are also governed by numerous local environmental and animal legislation and it makes complete business sense that they handle all their resources with the utmost care and to the best of their ability. The two most important assets are their sheep and the land they graze on, and they take good care of both.

We believe our domestic wool can be seen as part of a sustainable lifestyle choice and we are committed to continuing to improve an industry that has successfully served mankind in a sustainable model for several thousand years. In alignment with these goals WazWool Merino wool fabrics are knitted and finished entirely in the USA, making it a highly sustainable model for manufacturing of wool fabrics.

About Wazoodle Fabrics

Wazoodle Fabrics is a U.S. based, family-owned and operated textile company that designs and manufactures fabrics in USA, made from the best yarns available and without toxic chemicals. Sustainability, family, hard work, and top-notch customer service provide the foundation on which Wazoodle is based. A textile engineer for 40 years, co-founder and President Sid Sharma is dedicated to ensuring their products meet the highest quality standards of safety and compliance. Read about The Wazoodle Family

Our Distributors in Europe

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