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ProSoft FoodSAFE® PUL

Uniquely Food Safe. The ONLY PUL to be tested for food safety.
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Antimicrobial Silver

SILVADUR delivers high performance and sustainable antimicrobial technology for textiles and apparel
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Sustainable Innovation
Completely Made in USA
Integrated Supply Chain
Made with Love

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The Wazoodle Doodle Blog

About the Wazoodle Family

Our mission was to make textiles in America. Within a couple of years our fabrics were selling well, we were looking to expand, and there it was.....Today Wazoodle is the culmination of everything we hold dear: Mother Earth, family, quality, jobs, and service.

We guarantee that our fabrics meet the highest levels of safety and compliance. The credit for that goes to our quality-conscious vendor-partners.....We want to bring jobs and leadership back to American textiles.....We always want to know what our customers think and want. We need your input, your opinions and your feedback, and we’re here to answer your questions. We want to hear from you! 

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The Wall of Love


Don't fret if you've got a project in mind that needs waterproof PUL, we'll hold the umbrella while you search our catalog.