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The Silver Safety Bundle


An X-95 Mask, SilverCinch Bag, and Silver Hanky. A combination that is sure to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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About the Wazoodle Family

Our mission was to make textiles in America. Within a couple of years our fabrics were selling well, we were looking to expand, and there it was.....Today Wazoodle is the culmination of everything we hold dear: Mother Earth, family, quality, jobs, and service.

We guarantee that our fabrics meet the highest levels of safety and compliance. The credit for that goes to our quality-conscious vendor-partners.....We want to bring jobs and leadership back to American textiles.....We always want to know what our customers think and want. We need your input, your opinions and your feedback, and we’re here to answer your questions. We want to hear from you! 

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The Wall of Love

My autistic son has a guinea pig he adores and they are best friends! While upgrading his cage, we used Zorb original as absorbent material in custom fleece cage liners. I’m glad I found Zorb, it’s easy to sew with and absorbs so well! I also don’t have to worry about it breaking apart or becoming lumpy, like some materials used in cage liners

Betsy Cherepko

Arch the owner provided superior customer service and accommodated me when she didn't need to. I am beyond thankful for her business, her workers and the products she provides. I was compelled to place an order after receiving a gracious FREE amount of fabric to make my special needs son a mask. She has won my business. Thank you so much Arch!

Barrios Family

I've been blown away by Customer Service. They've found and shared the detailed information needed for me to feel confident in my fabric choices for my eco-conscious products. They are informative, helpful, kind, & so darn fast! Plus there is an incredible amount of options! I love shopping with Wazoodle!

Lolly Nicol
The Greener Gift

"Wonderful safety tested fabrics provided by an independently owned company. Very receptive to communication. Quick shipping and excellent tracking. Good resources to help you find what you need for your projects.


Thank you for providing high quality fabrics so we can be His Hands extended to help others in this crisis. Together, we will get through this!! God bless you & God bless America!! #prayingforHismercy

Rachel Peterman

Owner, Peterman Upholstery LLC

I searched over 9 months to find the right fabric for my athletic wear. Not only did Wazoodle help me and my manufacturer find the right fabric, they worked hard to ensure we were satisfied with the result. Thank you Ash and family!

Kim Pierpoint

Founder, Prickly Pear Sports


Don't fret if you've got a project in mind that needs waterproof PUL, we'll hold the umbrella while you search our catalog.