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Zorb® and The Four Generations

Zorb® And The Four Generations

Zorb is a family of specialty super absorbent and safe fabrics designed to improve performance in reusable cloth articles. They are thin, hypoallergenic, chemical free and amazingly absorbent. Their ability to soak fluids quickly and hold a lot makes them useful as a cost effective solution to a wide range of products that require holding power and absorbency. 

The Zorb family of fabrics are super absorbent because they are designed using a unique fiber composition which helps the fabric capture fluids, then rapidly distribute it and finally hold the fluids to reduce compression leaks. 

Most popular and efficient for reusable articles that need to be super absorbent: diaper and burp cloths, pet beds and cage liners, nursing pads and bras, women's cloth pads, absorbent mattress covers, yoga towels and mats. There's truly nothing else like it in the world.

We have 4 Generations of Zorb, each one an improvement on the last generation. Although they are all super absorbent in nature, each one has specific advantages. 

Zorb 1st Gen; Iconic Favorite

Zorb Original is a non-woven that has to be sandwiched between two fabrics. It does not shrink or stretch. For larger items it should be quilted onto another fabric with stitching at least every six-12 inches. NO PRE-WASH. Best choice if you're looking for an economical option and don't mind sewing the fabric between 2 layers. 

2nd Generation - Discontinued

Zorb 2 does not need to be sandwiched and has 2 versions - Dimples and Diamond - each has a different construction, as the names suggest, both designed for efficient absorption.

Zorb 2 Dimples has a bamboo/organic cotton knitted face on both sides with a stuffing on super-absorbent Zorb fibers between them.

Zorb 2 Diamond has wicking polyester on one side and bamboo/organic cotton on the other side with a stuffing on super-absorbent Zorb fibers between them.

Zorb 3rd Gen; Game Changer

Zorb 3D has four styles - 3 in the Dimple design and 1 in Diamond - they all have durable knitted faces and Zorb 3D fibers stuffed in between. All of them are pre-shrunk to some extent but may shrink a little more.

Zorb 3D Organic Cotton Dimple: This dual layer reversible fabric containing 100% organic cotton fibers, is extremely quick to super absorb & hold all moisture. Best choice to use when absorbency is the priority.

Zorb 3D Bamboo Dimples:  With an extremely soft face & back of 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, the dual layer reversible fabric is the best choice to use against the skin.

Zorb 3D Stay Dry Dimples: With a face & back of super wicking polyester, the stay dry reversible fabric has excellent wicking properties and 3D Zorb fibers that help trap & hold all moisture the fastest. Best choice to use when rapid distribution and quick drying is the priority.

Zorb 3D Diamond: The unique dual layer fabric has one side made of an absorbent bamboo cotton while the other is stay dry polyester and Zorb 3D fibers that helps rapidly absorb & distribute.

Kindly note that within each of the Zorb 3D styles above, we have additional sub-styles namely, LITE, Regular & Heavy Duty versions, which are basically thinner and thicker versions of the Regular version. The Heavy Duty versions are thicker and basically have more fibers for additional absorption. While the LITE versions are thinner. 

Zorb 4th Gen; Ingenious Innovation

Zorb 4D Waterproof CORE ECO-PUL is the latest innovation in high-performance fabrics and is engineered with four layers: a face absorbent layer, Zorb® 3D fibers, a polyurethane waterproof film and a backing fabric to keep the waterproof layer hidden and protected.

Zorb 4D Organic Cotton Dimple CORE ECO-PUL: It combines our Zorb 3D Organic Cotton Dimple along with a hidden waterproof film and a backing fabric of either polyester (V1) or organic cotton (V2). Best choice when absorbency is a priority.

Zorb 4D Stay Dry Dimple CORE ECO-PUL: It combines our Zorb 3D Stay Dry Dimple LITE along with a hidden waterproof layer and a backing fabric of either ProCool Performance Interlock (V1) or ProCool Performance Lightweight (V2). Best used when stealth or thinness is a priority

Zorb Comparison Charts

Now that we have covered all the Generations of Zorb, check out the Zorb Comparison Charts below for a more detailed breakdown or View All Zorb Comparison Charts

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