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Fabrics by End Uses Based on Customer Feedback ❤️

Check out some of the uses below that customers have been using our fabrics for. We hope to inspire you with this list and will regularly update it as feedback grows. If it sparks creativity in you, drop us a line at support@wazoodle.com; we’d love to hear about it.

As always, we recommend purchasing a swatch first, so you can see and feel the fabric before purchasing a larger quantity for your specific application. Although these fabrics have worked for these end uses with other customers in the past, preferences, sewing experience, and a multitude of other factors can influence a different outcome for you. Play it safe and order a 4x4" first*

  • By Projects
  • Zorb Projects
  • ProSoft PUL Projects
  • ProECO Projects
  • ProCool Projects


Wazoodle Fabrics makes no representations, collateral agreements, conditions or other warranties of any nature or kind, express or implied, with respect to such information or product and assumes no responsibility as to the accuracy or the suitability of the information or product for purchaser’s intended uses. The purchaser should conduct its own tests to determine the suitability of the material for their particular application.