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SILVADUR™ Antimicrobial Technology vs Nano Silvers-Wazoodle Fabrics

SILVADUR™ Antimicrobial Technology vs Nano Silvers

Antimicrobial products kill or slow the spread of microbes or microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mold and mildew. The antimicrobial effect of silver ions (Ag+) has been known for centuries. Silver has a natural ability to kill harmful microorganisms, the ions have a very broad spectrum of activity and are extremely effective at controlling the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms. Before antibiotics were developed Silver was perhaps the most important antimicrobial agent. Silver compounds were used to treat stomach pains, for wound healing, for storing water, and much more. Silver (and gold) fibers were widely used in making textiles esp. royal apparel.

The inherent properties of textile fibers can provide room for growth of micro-organisms, and this can be exacerbated by the presence of body fluids like sweat, oils, urine etc. and warm, humid environments. Microbial growth on fabrics can cause fabric to smell, it can create holes and destroy fabric integrity, cause staining and discoloration and generally shorten the life of a fabric. Therefore, in recent times Silver has made a comeback in textiles for its antimicrobial properties.

SILVADUR™ does NOT use Nano Technology. The experts at Dupont explain the difference as below:


  • "SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology is a homogenous mixture containing fully soluble silver ions and fully soluble polymer in a mixture of water and/or ethanol. The silver component is not present as detectable individual metal particles of any size, but rather as dissolved chemical ions"
  • "What does this mean? A simple way to think of it would be to imagine an aqueous solution containing sodium and chloride ions (this could be easily prepared by dissolving table salt in water). No solid particles of table salt remain in this situation, as no solid particles of silver are present when using SILVADUR™ antimicrobial"

"A nano antimicrobial technology maintains and utilizes silver metals... or, you may think of it as the table salt not dissolving in water.”

At Wazoodle we have NOT used Nanotechnology in any of our fabrics. In recent times several concerns have been raised on the effects of Nanosilver on humans and the environment - “Scientists have concluded that nanoparticles can pass easily into cells and affect cellular function……. Preliminary research with laboratory rats has found that silver nanoparticles can traverse into the brain, and can induce neuronal degeneration and necrosis(Reference Link)

At Wazoodle we use SILVADUR™ antimicrobial treatment on our fabrics. This treatment inhibits bacterial growth and buildup of microbes on fabric surfaces. SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology is a sustainable polymer-containing silver-technology that provides a low concentration of silver ions only when needed, i.e. when microbes land or form on a treated fabric. These ions continually and safely kill microbes that cause odor and material degradation.

SILVADUR treated fabrics exhibit long lasting antimicrobial performance. They are non-toxic, non-leaching, non-sensitizing, and non-irritating to human skin. They provide enhanced freshness so fewer washings are required, which benefits the consumer and the environment alike. Silvadur fabrics have been tested for efficacy for 50 wash cycles and deliver an excellent rate of microbial reduction of greater than >99% even after 50 washes.



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