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ProCool® Performance Dri-QWick® Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

ProCool® Dri-QWick™ Fabrics

ProCool Dri-QWick technology is an innovative, quick-drying polyester fabric designed to help keep you cool and dry. It is uniquely engineered from premium hydrophobic fibers to quickly wick moisture away from your body. Imported fabrics may have Dri-QWick-like features, but it is accomplished with chemicals that may not be good for you or the environment; there is also a good chance that the additives will wash out after a few wash cycles, removing the quick drying technology from the fabric completely.

The experts at AKAS Tex have designed a proprietary fabric combination that makes this collection of Dri-QWick fabrics naturally quick drying and moisture wicking—forever. It's impossible to wash away this innovative tech; they're permanent for the life of the fabric.