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Stay Dry Moisture Wicking Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

Stay Dry Moisture Wicking Fabrics

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  • This extremely diverse collection of fabrics are made from 100% eco-friendly, American-made polyester fibers that quickly wick moisture from your skin to keep you cool and dry. Whether you want something light while you go for a run or something thick for your baby's diaper, all of these fabrics are designed for comfort and dryness. 

    Unlike imported fabrics that use additional chemicals and finishes to mimic stay dry features, our fabrics are made from proprietary combinations of fibers that naturally make them moisture wicking. The chemicals and finishes that overseas companies use can be washed off the fabrics after a few rinse cycles (therefore stripping away the stay dry features completely); Wazoodle Stay Dry Fabrics, however, are forever moisture wicking. You can't wash away the awesomeness of our naturally Stay Dry Moisture Wicking Fabrics.