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  • Fold Over Elastics
  • Braided Elastics
  • Mobilon & Lastin Elastics
  • Our premium fold over elastics are American-made, 100% Latex Free & enhanced with Dorlastan® elastomer, a premium stretch yarn with excellent stretch and recovery properties. They are great for binding and are widely used in head bands, waist bands, cloth diapers, panties, elasticized leg openings on dance & skating wear and more.

    Fold over elastics can be easily folded and sewn over open edges of fabric and seams to make a perfect binding. It can be stretched and sewn over fabric, and is available in exciting new colors matching our premium American made fabrics  

  • Our braided elastics are Made in USA using premium quality fibers. These elastics are often the choice when better quality and narrow widths are needed. They braided elastics made by covering rubber with either cotton or polyester in a combination that allows it to stretch - it will get narrow when stretched - but has excellent recovery.

    The rubber and polyester or cotton fibers are braided very closely together making it strong and durable. It is great for use in underwear, dance apparel, swimsuits, sporting goods, tool bags cloth diapers & swim diapers. The Polyester & Cotton braided elastics are the top choice because of its consistent quality, tension, long life & resistance to swimming pool and laundry chemicals.

  • Mobilon & Lastin are the premier quality polyurethane elastic. This elastic has excellent stretch, recovery and memory. It is chemical resistant, and does not absorb moisture, great for use in apparel garments, arm openings and shoulder lines in casual wear and sports wear, seam reinforcement, shape retention of lace apparel, shoulder straps, leg openings and waist openings in underwear, diapers, covers and swim diapers.

    It is thin, supple and lightweight with great stretch power (can stretch 300-400%) & lasts longer than rubber. It is resistant to perspiration, urine, oil, water, sea-water, cosmetics & other general solvents.