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ProTEC® Fleece Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

ProTEC® Fleece Fabrics

Imagine cuddling with a dozen of the softest baby chinchillas on the planet. Think of their silky smooth fur brushing against your skin, and the warmth of their fluffy bellies on yours.

As cute and cuddly as that sounds, our ProTEC Fleece Fabrics are even softer and warmer than that! (no offense if you have a pet chinchilla, but it's the truth). Although this collection doesn't have sparkling eyes and adorable little whiskers, they are single-sided smooth knit micro fleeces with a nice sheen, made from special wicking fibers that give them superior strength and stability. They are 100% eco-friendly, free of all harmful chemicals and toxic finishes and made in EPA compliant, quality-controlled American textile facilities. In other words, they are soft and safe enough to use as a blanket for you and your pet chinchilla...Imagine the softness of that!