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Waterproof Layers Fabric Finder for Cloth Diapers

Are you looking for the best recommended waterproof fabrics for using in your cloth diaper? Our collection of waterproof fabrics are manufactured in USA in quality-controlled facilities without using toxic chemicals & finishes and have been specially designed for using in reusable cloth diapers.

Our Waterproof fabrics are available in a wide range of colors and gorgeous printed patterns for you to choose from. The 1 mil PUL is the most preferred choice for using in cloth diapers. If you’re looking for a more durable & stronger fabric, try our collection of 2 mil PUL fabrics, which are very popular for heavy duty needs.

PRO Tips - Recommended Waterproof Diaper Fabrics

You can choose between the ProSoft Waterproof 1 mil PUL & ProSoft Waterproof 2 mil PUL.
1 mil PUL is by far the most popular option here for using as the outer cover for your cloth diaper.
2 mil PUL is preferred for heavier duty applications and adult incontinence diapers.
Antimicrobial Silver - the fabric has been infused with silver ions to help control odor, create long lasting freshness & inhibit bacterial growth.

Choose from our Recommended Waterproof Diaper Cover Fabrics selection, where each fabric is carefully selected and shop with ease knowing that each fabric is ideal for reducing cost, increasing your diaper's performance and supporting the environment.

In addition to the Waterproof Diaper Cover Layer, you will also need a fabric for the Absorbent Diaper Layer and for the Inner Moisture Wicking Stay Dry Diaper Layer.