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ProECO® Organic Cotton Sherpa Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

ProECO® Organic Cotton Sherpa Fabrics

"I love the organic Sherpa cotton because it is so soft, great for many things and it is made in America"

Customers describe our all-natural ProECO Cotton Sherpa as "amazing" and "super soft". This luxurious, versatile knit fabric has a napped face and a soft smooth back; it is breathable and an excellent absorber. This collection is a great choice for use in baby wipes, apparel, stuffed animals, cloth diapers and more.

Unlike imported Cotton fabrics, this collection of Organic Sherpas are made with no harmful chemicals or finishes; they are also put through a proprietary process that makes them ready to use and absorb right out of the box, and reduces shrinkage.