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Silver Arch: Harnessing the Science of Silver


  • Our Story
  • The Science Behind Our Masks
  • The concept of Silver Arch began in January 2020. Our parent company, AKAS TEX, one of the premiere manufacturers of fabrics for specialized uses in athletics, healthcare, industrial, and hospitality applications, received multiple inquiries from Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and other countries, for antimicrobial fabrics to be used in making cloth face masks. At the time, there were no standards or guidelines for reusable cloth masks, and there was no intelligent research focused on developing masks that would protect the wearer against infection, as well as those around them.

    While we searched for solutions, we uncovered a 2006 report by the COMMITTEE ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF REUSABLE FACEMASKS FOR USE DURING AN INFLUENZA PANDEMIC. In the report, the committee concludes that “woven” cloth masks are not considered protective and would not be useful in protecting against the flu virus. The authors recommend research for making better protective masks, but there is no evidence further research was done or any actions were taken.

    After learning of these concerning facts and still having worldwide requests for face mask fabrics pile in, we decided to reach out to the FDA and CDC for help. We sent correspondence quoting the 2006 report and asked for guidance. We even asked if there was a task force with which we could collaborate to help design safer masks. After hitting multiple dead-ends, we realized that there was no help to be found—we realized that public and private businesses were on their own to find solutions.

    The scientists behind our AKAS TEX industry-leading textile fabrics studied the construction, materials, and efficiencies of cloth masks, surgical masks, and N95s in detail. They hypothesized that if we could harness ideal fabric properties (i.e. hydrophobic fibers with hydrophilic knit structures that formed multiple barriers, and a convoluted maze to stop, trap, and hold aqueous aerosols) we could create the highest level of protection available in PPE. It took a tremendous amount of research and testing to hone in on the right fabrics and the right combinations, but we found them. Our scientists further added antimicrobial SILVADUR™ so when bacteria land on the surface of treated articles, the silver ions neutralize the unwanted organisms, resulting in effective microbe-derived protection.

    Based on these theories and practices, our lead scientists wrote a guideline on how to make safe, protective masks, which informs the construction of all our face masks. Now, we are proud to say that our months of research and development led us to create the Silver Arch X-95 Mask, a highly-advanced, effective, breathable, comfortable, and durable mask that protects others and the wearer.

    The Silver Arch store is focused on providing safe products, all of them with the added benefit of Silver. Our innovative products are Made in the USA using US-made fabrics. Each Silver Arch item represents the hard work of multiple small textile mills in the USA working together with American sewing companies to bring you the best fabrics and products.

  • Silver Arch masks feature 7 Performance Layers of hydrophobic fibers with hydrophilic knit structures to form multiple barriers and restrict the transmission of nanoparticles in aqueous aerosols.

    INNER - Two layers of high-performance quick-drying double-knit fabrics quickly wick moisture away from the skin and onto the filtration core using a push-pull technology.

    FILTRATION CORE - Our three-layer filtration core is comprised of three-dimensional fabric and two uniquely structured face knits surrounding a dense core of cellulosic and synthetic fibers core for efficient filtration. The filtration core captures and holds aerosols and moisture from the inside and outside, providing two-way protection.

    OUTER - Two layers of high-performance double-knit barrier fabric protect the wearer from outside elements. Wicking fibers trap and push aerosols and particles to the filtration core.

    SILVADUR ™ - Silver is a potent microbial agent against a variety of microorganisms. SILVADUR™ uses a patented polymer technology to deliver silver ions via an “intelligent control” mechanism.

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