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Zorb® Super Absorbent Fabrics

Zorb®, the leading brand of super absorbent fabrics, is thin, cost effective, hypo-allergenic and baby safe. It traps and holds huge amounts of liquid and dispenses it quickly, to reduce compression leaks.

Most popular and efficient for reusable articles that need to be super absorbent: diaper and burp cloths, pet beds and cage liners, nursing pads and bras, women's cloth pads, absorbent mattress covers, yoga towels, mats and more. There's truly nothing else like it in the world. 

How absorbent?

Zorb soaks up 20 times faster than other material and absorbs 10 times its' weight in under 2 seconds.

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Zorb Comparison Chart

Zorb 1st Generation

Zorb Original is the absorbent fabric that started it all. It is a non-woven interlining material which is used between two fabrics as a super absorbent layer. It should be stitched or serged between 2 layers before washing.

Zorb Original is a unique fabric that is thin, lightweight and economical. It is used in the medical & incontinence industry by big brands and moms alike as the hidden absorbent layer in their reusable products thanks to its insane absorbency and durability.

Zorb 3rd Generation

Ready to absorb right out of the box. Zorb 3D is pre-activated for absorbency, pre-shrunk to a great extent & has superior holding capacity than any other product. We put the revolutionary 3D Zorb® fibers in between a durable knitted surface on both sides. This dual-layer reversible fabric can be used on its own, not simply as an interlining.

There are 4 different styles Dimples & Diamonds available: Organic Cotton Dimple, Bamboo Dimple & Stay Dry Dimple.

Zorb 3D Comparison Chart

Zorb 4th Generation

Zorb 4D Comparison Chart

Zorb Swatch Kits

The Zorb Fabric Creations

Tell us how Zorb has changed your life & Get a $10 coupon

Tell us how Zorb has changed your life & Get a $10 coupon

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