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Zorb® 4D Super Absorbent + Waterproof CORE ECO-PUL™ Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

Zorb® 4D Super Absorbent + Waterproof CORE ECO-PUL™ Fabrics

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  • Zorb 4D Waterproof CORE ECO-PUL is the latest innovation in high-performance fabrics and the new dimple varieties are engineered with 5 layers: a face absorbent 3-layer fabric with Zorb® 3D fibers, a polyurethane waterproof film and a backing fabric for a soft outside surface.

    We understand that not everyone has the time, patience or expertise to sew, and that's where Zorb 4D comes in. Our unique product combines the super absorbency of Zorb 3D Dimples along with the waterproof/leakproof protections of ProSoft ECO-PUL. Save money and time on your sewing projects by combining absorbent and waterproof in one layer with Zorb 4D.

    For an optimal comfort experience with any Zorb 4D fabrics, we strongly suggest complementing them with a ProCool moisture wicking fabric to act as the wicking top layer. This pairing effectively eliminates any sensations of dampness or wetness that may occur when Zorb 4D is used as a standalone layer in applications intended for direct skin contact.