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About the Wazoodle Family


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  • Ours is a classic American story. Highly educated professionals, Sid and I, were senior managers in our respective fields when we decided to change direction. We wanted a better life for our two college-bound children—Karishma and Ashrey —so, in 2005, we immigrated to the United States.

    We didn’t set out to start a business. A quality, change management, and LEAN manufacturing expert, I found a position in the medical device industry. Sid, a textile engineer, found work in a mill. In our ‘spare’ time, we made specialty textiles for export. When Sid’s employer declared bankruptcy in 2010, we decided to go into manufacturing full-time and launched AKAS (for Archana, Karishma, Ashrey, and Sidharth). After all, America is the land of opportunity!

    Our mission was to make textiles in America. Within a couple of years our fabrics were selling well, we were looking to expand, and there it was—the opportunity to buy an in-trouble textile company in Canada called Wazoodle. They had great products that aligned with ours, including absorbent and organic fabrics. We made the leap and never looked back.

    Today Wazoodle is the culmination of everything we hold dear: Mother Earth, family, quality, jobs, and service.

    Eco-Friendly Fabrics for a Sustainable Future

    Do you care about the environment? Do you believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to reuse and recycle? Whether you’re a business owner making your own products or a parent who cares about what you put against your baby’s precious skin, you’ve come to the right place.

    One Big Happy Family

    The success of Wazoodle is based on our large family and on three critical pillars: Our Vendors; Our Staff and Our Customers.

    When we say family business it encompasses the entire family - we welcome new staff by saying "Welcome to the family" and we welcome new customers by saying "Welcome to the Wazoodle family". So we have a really large family and we all are invested in each other and work together to make the entire "FAMILY" successful.

    We Design and Manufacture

    Our fabrics are made under Sid’s supervision. He’s been a textile engineer for 40 years and he’s a stickler for details. Sid ensures that our fabrics are made without toxic chemicals, from the best yarns available, and are certified to the highest standards.

    Safety, Compliance, and Putting American Mills Back to Work

    We guarantee that our fabrics meet the highest levels of safety and compliance. The credit for that goes to our quality-conscious vendor-partners who work diligently with us to build safe, compliant manufacturing processes for the textiles we are constantly developing.

    We want to bring jobs and leadership back to American textiles. Established in 1792, the U.S. textile industry once led the world. Today, many mills are small, family-owned businesses like ours, and their machines sit idle. Since 2010, we’ve added over 500 jobs to the industry, and increased production at our mills from two to four days a week.

    It’s our way of giving back to the country that gave us a new home and a new life.

    Quality Customer Service

    We care deeply about our customers. Ash works day in, day out to improve the online experience. Our customer-centric employees do their utmost to process and ship orders quickly. And I? I make sure everything runs smoothly and happily. I also partner with community organizations on workforce development and with local schools to create business-education partnerships.

    We always want to know what our customers think and want. We need your input, your opinions and your feedback, and we’re here to answer your questions. We want to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to contact me at support@wazoodle.com

    -Arch Sharma, CEO