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Castor Oil Packs Fabric Finder

Castor oil packs have been used for centuries to enhance circulation, promote the healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin, reduce inflammation and even improve liver function. These packs generally require two different types of fabric: one that's soft and absorbent, and one that's waterproof. 

The soft and absorbent fabric is the one that soaks up the castor oil or is moistened with warm water. We recommend a soft fabric like a Fleece (ProECO Organic Cotton Fleece or ProTEC Microfleece) or Sherpa (ProECO Organic Cotton Sherpa or ProECO Bamboo Sherpa), as these are soft and durable fabrics that will help absorb, hold & transfer the oils when applied to your skin. 

The waterproof fabric prevents the liquid from leaking and spilling everywhere during use; any of our 1 mil or 2 mil Eco-PUL's can be used here, as the main purpose is to hold the oils within the designed apparatus. 

To take it one step further, and to save you the hassle of sewing (which in turn saves you a little money as well), we recommend using one of our all-in-one ProSoft Organic Cotton or Bamboo Eco-PULs. They combine super softness, absorbency and waterproof protection. They're also 100% eco-friendly, free of all harmful chemicals and toxic finishes and tested to withstand 300+ washings. 

Check out our Made in USA collection of reusable castor oil pack fabrics that other customers have used, however we do recommend you purchase a swatch first, so you can see and feel the fabric before purchasing a larger quantity for your specific application.

P.S. Below we've included a list of our absorbent & waterproof combo fabrics only. You can use separate fabrics, but why take on the extra work - spend that saved time healing and relaxing with the castor oil packs you create!