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Burp Cloth Fabric Finder

When you’re burping a baby, you never know if you’re going to get air or a bit of spit up too. It’s always handy to have a burp cloth nearby to ensure that you’re able to quickly clean up any messes.

Whether you plan to drape the burp cloth over your shoulder, or have it close as a precaution, we have selected fabrics that will work for you.

We recommend a waterproof option if you’re looking to protect your outfit, or you can opt for an absorbent option if your burp cloth is more likely going to be for any burp-after-math.

If your baby tends to spit up a lot, you may find it helpful to combine a waterproof fabric with an absorbent fabric for extra protection.

All our fabrics are gentle on your baby’s skin, and we never use harsh chemicals.