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Latex Free Mobilon® Polyurethane Elastic (W-453)

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$0.33 USD
$0.33 USD - $120.00 USD
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SKU AK-8173-Yards
Color: Clear
Width: 1/4" wide
Length: Yards
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  • Mobilon is the gold standard for Lastin-type clear & black polyurethane elastics.

  • It's consistent tension, thickness and durability make it the favorite of manufacturers and leading designers.

  • Mobilon brand lastin is completely free of latex and is used for diaper making, sportswear, swimwear, lingerie, children's infant wear, and bed sheets.

  • It's easy to sew, tough and stands up nicely to saltwater, chlorine from swimming pools, perspiration etc.

One Bag of Mobilon contains approximate

  • 450 yards of 1/2" wide
  • 550 yards of 3/8" wide
  • 1000 yards of 1/4" wide

Application Instructions and Tips:

  • Polyurethane elastic tapes must be stretched to their limit 3 times before sewing. This relaxes the elastic's memory and will provide the best performance and fit in your finished garment.
  • Straight and basting stitching through solid rubber and PU tapes can create perforation lines, use long and wide stitching, serge, or zig-zag whenever possible.
  • Do not leave elastic in direct sunlight.
No Returns Policy

All our orders are custom and cut to size. Due to the nature of our process, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges.

Warranty Info
  • All natural fiber fabrics may have small holes, runs, etc. in the fabric. These are out of our control, however we take precaution & send you extra yardage in lieu of the defect.
  • All bolts & rolls may have a +/- 10% variation. Discounted pricing reflects any discrepancies.
  • Bolts & Rolls Seam & Damage Allowance - May contain seams where two ends of the fabric are sewn or taped together or marks which can be easily washed away. We always give extra yardage for seam & damage allowances.
  • Hook & Loop are custom cut to your specifications. No returns accepted.
  • Elastics are custom cut to your specifications. No returns accepted.
  • Snaps & some elastics are packaged by weight so count is approximate. Pricing reflects possible minor quantity discrepancies.

Specs Disclaimer

This information is obtained by industry accepted test methods and represents typical data. Nothing contained herein is to be construed as permission or recommendation to infringe any patent. It is furnished for your general information only and does not represent a warranty or guarantee of Wazoodle Fabrics.

Wazoodle Fabrics makes no representations, collateral agreements, conditions or other warranties of any nature or kind, express or implied, with respect to such information or product and assumes no responsibility as to the accuracy or the suitability of the information or product for purchaser’s intended uses. The purchaser should conduct its own tests to determine the suitability of the material for their particular application.

The foregoing statements shall supersede the terms and conditions, whether express or implied, of any separate agreement of purchase and sale between Wazoodle and the purchaser.

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Zorb® is a registered trademark of Wazoodle Fabrics.

Can I use your brand information on my products?

Yes, it is possible, however please see the Licensing FAQ for all the requirements.

Our Sustainability Initiatives:

Sourcing the best materials and locally

We source fibers and yarns within the United States mostly direct from local mills.

Commitment to not use harmful chemicals in the fabrics

No PFAS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde or nanoparticles.

Responsible partnerships with Vendors

We establish partnerships with vendors keeping an eye on the sustainability of their processes.

Creating durable, easy-to-reuse high-performance fabrics

To inspire creation of reusable articles that help to reduce land-fills of disposable waste.

Safe working conditions and fair labor practices

Made in US mills with safe workplace practices and fair wages following all labor regulations.

Manufacturing processes that do not create harmful waste

Closely controlled facilities and EPA-compliant processes that do not pollute the environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hazel B
A blessing to us who have a severe Latex/Spandex/Elastane allergy!

I have to make ALL my clothing now due to the Latex/Spandex(Lycra)/Elastane allergy I have and it is very hard to find this elastic. My local Hobby Lobby has been out of stock for over a month now and I found your site. You will be getting ALL of my busin

New Kiddo
A healthy elastic alternative, easy to use, and economical.

I am so glad to find an elastic that works so well that is non-latex. There are so many people now that have developed a sensitivity to this. Now I can make diapers that are latex-free. It does help to stretch it three times before sewing it. It seems to take less than the Diaper Maker elastic I had been using to get the same stretch ability.

Agatha (Houston, US)
Product Uses: Jersey/Knit shirts
Good price, good product

Item was exactly what I'd been looking for. I only ordered 10 yards as it was my first time ordering from Wazoodle. I'll definitely be ordering again. Thanks!

VF Johnson (Carriere, US)
Sewing Tips: Stretch the elastic before measuring out the amount you need
Outstanding quality clear elastic

This is an outstanding quality clear elastic and was perfect for gathering the multiple tiers of a tiered dress. This brand was recommended in the dress pattern tutorial and I am happy I trusted the designer’s recommendation. This was my first order from Wazoodle and I was very pleased with the speed of receiving my order. I will be a return customer!

Monica R.
Hard to find, great price!

Exactly what I was looking for.

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