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Our Partners in International Growth: EXIM and AKAS Tex

Owning a business has many more complexities than what meets the surface. As a family-run business, we always want to offer our customers the best of the best and ensure that we’re providing them with all the relevant information to make confident decisions. In this blog, we want to share more about our partnerships, how those partners help run our business, and how they may help you!

Export-Import Bank of the United States

When we decided to start shipping fabrics worldwide in 2013, we knew that we needed to find a solution that worked with us. We wanted to ensure that we adequately managed foreign accounts, that our products were protected against nonpayment, and that we were working with a business we could trust. Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) is the export solution we chose to partner with.

Working with EXIM enabled us to increase our revenue because we were able to offer credit terms to our international customers. We were able to use working capital to fulfill our sales. This partnership was a game-changer because it meant customers could purchase larger quantities of fabric and then pay us later.


AKAS Tex is our sister company responsible for manufacturing all Wazoodle products. As Wazoodle, we were confident that we wanted to be involved in every aspect of our manufacturing process, and the best way to do this was to be our own manufacturer. By partnering with AKAS Tex, we can guarantee that our fabrics are manufactured in America in eco-friendly ways and controlled environments. Knowing the ins and outs of our manufacturer allows us to stay honest and transparent about the products we provide. 

How do EXIM, AKAS Tex, and Wazoodle interact?

Wazoodle is our fabric business that sells American-made and environmentally friendly fabrics and notions to people worldwide. AKAS Tex is our manufacturing company—that we also own—that ensures that our fabrics are manufactured in a controlled environment. EXIM is the partner company that allows us to confidently fulfill international orders, especially international ones on a credit term.

How does this impact you?

If you’re an international customer, we want to offer you the ability to grow by purchasing larger quantities with the help of EXIM bank. If you qualify, we can provide you with a credit term that will enable you to buy now and pay as you go. This is an incredible opportunity for buyers and businesses.

Our partnerships with AKAS Tex and EXIM also offer an opportunity for potential distributor partnerships. Suppose you’re interested in partnering with us (Wazoodle Fabrics) to purchase and resell fabric in your country. In that case, you can reach out to us, and we can work together with EXIM bank to see if you’re qualified to become a potential distributor. Both Wazoodle Fabrics and AKAS Tex have been transformed through our partnerships with EXIM, and we want to create opportunities for you to benefit through their services as well.

AKAS Tex: EXIM Bank Exporter of the Year 2021

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