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Our Eco-friendly Textiles Now Available Through MILPOINT in France-Wazoodle Fabrics

Our Eco-friendly Textiles Now Available Through MILPOINT in France

We are excited to announce our new EU distributor in France. For nearly 30 years, MILPOINT has been a manufacturer-distributor specializing in the art of yarn, haberdashery and the creative arts. Recognized today as the official distributor of creative leisure books and thread art in haberdashery, MILPOINT has also developed a complete range of products around needlework and beyond. 

As an authorized distributor in France & EU, MILPOINT offers a variety of our products including Zorb®, ProSoft FoodSAFE® PUL, ProECO® Organics, ProCool® Performance and other made in USA Wazoodle textiles, available on the MILPOINT website. 

How it works? 

EU customers can contact MILPOINT here to register and setup an account for which you will need a company registration number.  Once your account has been setup with MILPOINT, you can purchase these fabrics conveniently with quick delivery and possibility to order to order 3 - 5 - 10 meters depending on the SKU; options to purchase in bulk are also available; this provides all our EU customers with significant savings and makes the process more streamlined than importing these premium fabrics from Wazoodle in the United States.

Arch Sharma, the CEO of Wazoodle Fabrics, is excited at this opportunity to partner with Milpoint to bring quality American-made textiles to the European market. She says, "We have a huge growing market in France & Europe so with this new partnership with Milpoint, together we can overcome the biggest barrier (i.e high shipping costs) to bring our eco-friendly textiles to our environmentally conscious customers in France & Europe"

About Wazoodle Fabrics

Wazoodle Fabrics is a U.S. based, family-owned and operated textile company that designs and manufactures fabrics in USA, made from the best yarns available and without toxic chemicals. Sustainability, family, hard work, and top-notch customer service provide the foundation on which Wazoodle is based. Wazoodle is dedicated to ensuring its products meet the highest quality standards of safety and compliance.

Our Distributors in Europe

Note: If there are any fabrics not available on the MILPOINT website, please contact them here to request adding the fabric to their collection.

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