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The Best Fabrics for Making Reusable Gloves-Wazoodle Fabrics

The Best Fabrics for Making Reusable Gloves

Recently disposable gloves were sold out in many stores due to high demand and people looked for alternatives. Looking for alternatives, several are turning to making reusable gloves.

Will wearing gloves protect you from the virus? Of course not. They might even give you a false sense of security and make you less careful. In the same way as masks do if they are not used properly. For any PPE to function as a Protective shield it must be used effectively. 


Antimicrobial Silver Protected 

More and more people are turning towards antimicrobial fabrics for better protection from the virus. Antimicrobial options are available for many of the suggested fabrics, should you want to use them

The benefits of reusable gloves are that they can be made easily, fitted to your size, can be washed & reused and simply lasts longer than any disposable gloves. Below are some fabrics that can be used to make reusable gloves. 


Loose Fitting Gloves

Typically made using medium weight cotton, polyester knits or woven. Depending on how thick or thin you want them to be, you could use. Fabrics for Loose Fitting Gloves:

For the base you can continue with the same fabric for a loose fit or use a Ribbed fabric: 


Well Fitted Gloves

For fitted gloves, using a fabric with Lycra is the best option, as Lycra 4-way stretch for enhanced mobility & flexibility. Here are some fabrics you can use. Fabrics for Well Fitted Gloves

The base cuff can be made of the same fabric or use a Ribbed fabric like the Rib's mentioned above.


Waterproof Gloves

Use one of the ProSoft PUL fabrics, which will provide complete waterproof protection. In addition, to make Waterproof Fitted Gloves, you can use ProSoft PUL fabrics with Lycra Stretch-FIT. Fabrics for Waterproof Gloves

For the base you can continue with the same fabric or use a Ribbed fabric like the Rib's mentioned above.

Care for Gloves

Antimicrobial gloves may not need to be washed each time. For short term disinfection use an approved hand sanitizer like 70% alcohol spray before removing the gloves. 


Reusable gloves must be donned and doffed carefully too. Make sure you remove them in a manner that keeps the soiled side inside. Keep a waterproof bag handy to store soiled gloves in. Don’t just keep them in your bag or car seat or leave them lying around the house.


Please note other fabrics may be used in making such reusable gloves for personal use. Other fabrics have not been listed as I have no knowledge as to their construction, safety and how they work. Use of antimicrobial fabrics is a personal preference.


Disclaimer: The article above is based solely on the opinion and knowledge of the author. None of the statements above are based on any experience or expertise in making gloves. The objective of this article to provide some information on gloves and fabric suggestions to the best of our knowledge, it is not to be perceived as professional advice


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