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Suyana Technologies Makes a Difference One Face Mask, Job, and Relationship at a Time-Wazoodle Fabrics

Suyana Technologies Makes a Difference One Face Mask, Job, and Relationship at a Time

At Suyana Technologies, we are committed to creating wearable products that help us grow. In the face of Covid-19 that meant creating high quality cloth masks with a network of local workers whose jobs had been displaced due to the pandemic. We proudly employ a diverse group of sewers—the majority of which are immigrants. 

In creating the inclusive and intersectional future we want to see, we felt that it was important to make all of our training and onboarding materials bilingual. We strive to make working with us as easy and accessible as possible, so we provide our sewers with all of the textiles, elastic, thread, onboarding materials, and on-call assistance they need. At Suyana, we value community. We continually build personal relationships with our sewers, listen to their feedback, and grow together. 

Partnering with Wazoodle fabrics was the obvious choice when it came to sourcing our materials. Not only do they provide exemplary customer service, but they also give us a variety of USA made sustainable fabric choices. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff has worked with us through every iteration of our design process to determine what was the best fit for us and our customers. During these times where things can feel hopeless, we are glad that we are creating our own space of hope and community that only continues to grow.

If you would like to join our team please fill out the following form https://bit.ly/2NcLROX or contact us at isabelle@suyana.io.



By: Isabelle Malouf 

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