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Are You Ready for an Antimicrobial, Odor-Free Fabric that Never Loses Efficacy?-Wazoodle Fabrics

Are You Ready for an Antimicrobial, Odor-Free Fabric that Never Loses Efficacy?

Sweaty Chefs and Big Dreams

The idea for Organic Cotton Interlock with SmartSilver was created by a busy, hardworking, sweaty chef while he tirelessly ran around the kitchen, hoping his odor and the germs from his sweat did not spread to his customer’s food. Well, not actually, but the idea did come from a proactive, innovative company that supplies uniforms for the food industry and has hard working chefs like him in mind.

This company approached us with a dream they could not fulfill; they knew how they could better serve their customers, but they did not have the resources to do so. They knew of a technology that could be knitted into fabric to eliminate odor and bacteria with efficacy that never diminishes, but they did not know how to create a product with it. They approached us with this dilemma and we got to work.


Introducing Organic Cotton Interlock with Silver Yarn

Unlike other silver fabrics, Organic Cotton Interlock with SmartSilver has silver yarn knitted into its fabric; silver ions are permanently embedded into the fibers. In this extruded form of silver protection, the antimicrobial properties last a lifetime. The efficacy does not diminish after any amount of washing and is unaffected by changes in temperature. 

The silver yarn eliminates microbes on the surface of the fabric and provides odor-free protection, so it requires less washing than normal products do. Less washing means less time, resources, and money for you to spend. In case you're wondering: the grey stripes that run across the fabric are the silver yarn, actively fighting bacteria. 

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