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Lycra® Stretch-FIT Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

Lycra® Stretch-FIT Fabrics

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  • Prior to Lycra®, the fashion industry used rubber for elasticity, which was hot, heavy, constricting and uncomfortable. Fabrics didn't move with you, jeans were stiff and ill-fitting, swimwear didn't hug your curves and pantyhose didn't return to its original shape. So, it's no surprise that when Lycra® was introduced in 1958, it ignited a fashion revolution that made it one of the most recognized brand name fibers in the world—despite being nearly invisible.

    Lycra® creates softer, lighter and sheerer foundation garments that fit and flow with our bodies. It can be stretched up to 500% its original length, is stronger and more durable than conventional elastic thread and best of all, always returns to its original shape. It optimizes the way your clothes look, feel and perform, so it was a no-brainer to partner with the Lycra Company. This collection of fabrics not only have the revolutionizing Lycra Stretch-FIT fibers, but are also 100% eco-friendly, free of all harmful chemicals and toxic finishes, and manufactured in quality-assured, EPA compliant, American textile facilities. Take control of the shape of your projects and shop Lycra Stretch-FIT.