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Sewing Tips: I used washable glue in putting the layers together to prevent shifting.
Product Uses: Incontinence pads
Self image is so important

I have a friend with severe incontinence issues but she is not ready to quit. I was able to create a 4.5 layer pad with PUL and bamboo velour (top) that solved the leakage. I prayed a lot over this and am thankful it was successful.

Sewing Tips: I have used a walking foot, a teflon foot and a regular foot. It depends on which side of the ProSoft is facing the feed dogs. When I apply the bias tape, the PUL side is down, and the walking foot works best. When the PUL side is up, I use either the teflon foot or a regular foot. In all cases, slower is better.
Great for covering pet beds!

I love this company and this product! I make fitted sheets out of fleece for dog beds. Recently I have had customers looking for a waterproof cover to keep their pets comfortable and to protect the bed from accidents. I found ProSoft and am very happy with it. I appreciate the care they take in the manufacturing process and I love the fact that it has been tested to 300+ washings! Great company - every phone call is answered courteously, and email are responded to quickly and shipping is fast. I'm very glad I found this product.

ProECO® Bamboo Fleece Fabric (W-257)
Brenda Gountis (Dallas, US)
Sewing Tips: Edge tends to curl so use extra pins on seams, will not leave fuzz everywhere and is not slippery! A breeze to work with.
Product Uses: I like to use this for diapers and doublers, but has unlimited use for application in any sewing project where you need soft durable absorbent fabric: hot pads and dish cloths, wash cloths, mensural pads, burp cloths (make them a figure "8" shape that stays on the shoulder ~ this fabric "grabs" other fabrics and will not slip off your shoulder while you burp baby on chinchilla-butt soft fabric), gentle and very absorbent car chamois, pet toys (I make little mice for cats and gentle-on-the-mouth knotted "ropes" for Doggy Tug Toys with any bits left over ~ no such thing as scraps with this fabric, I use ever bit!), I line itchy collars or waistbands with this soft fabric, I make extra durable pillow cases for every day use ~ my daughters frequenlty change out their pillow cases so they need pillow cases that are soft and absorbent but hard wearing and can survive frequent washing. This fabric looses just a bit of loft and with initial laundering and there is a small but even amount of shrinkage with the initial laundering. IT does not pill even after many many washings and remains soft and absorbent.
Soft & Durable after many washings

Good Quality ~ extremely durable, soft and "thirsty" fabric made stateside.
A wonderful hand to it even after many washings. In addition, the staff is very knowledgeable about their products and kindly took time to answer my questions. Very personable! This is what you get from a family owned business!

Sewing Tips: This fabric is so easy to serge and sew. I used a 70/10 needle and had no problems.
Product Uses: Active Wear
Excellent Active Wear Fabric

I bought one yard of the Procool Performance knit fabric and made a top from it. I wore the top to walk my dogs in 80 degree heat. It wicked the moisture from my skin and stayed dry as described. So, I ordered six more colors and am almost done with the tops I planned on making. I just ordered several more colors to replace the active wear tops I bought long ago.

Product Uses: Underwear
Nice stretchy lightweight

I'd say the stretch is 100/80% (width/length) which is 2-3 times more stretchy than the product description says. I think it's also only the tiniest but more sheer than the stretch fit lite, mostly it just has a different knit weave, that's a little looser. It's perfect for making undies which is what I was looking for.

Great fabric!

I used this to make period panties and it's perfect! Highly absorbent and easy to sew. My sewing machine sewed through it really easily and my serger had no problems though I didn't use the blade. I would definitely encourage people to buy! It seems expensive, but will see you through a lot of projects. I've already made 5 pairs of panties and still have a lot of fabric left.

Grab-N-Go Mystery Bags
R.P. (Belmont, US)
Sewing Tips: Sew slowly, and make sure you've got a sharp needle. Don't stray from the stitching line, though, or the waterproof properties will be strained. No leaks! :)
Product Uses: I had hoped to use this fabric for menstrual pads for the Yonkofa Project in Ghana. The fabrics weren't suitable, but I'll still have fun with them.
It definitely is a MIXED bag. Caveat emptor

I work with a group that makes menstrual pads for a charity in Ghana that keeps girls in school. Several of our members have gotten these grab bags for making the waterproof base layer for the pads, and have had great results. They suggest leaving a note in the order that says what you're making, so there's a chance you may get items that are more suited to your needs. And the thought of getting two POUNDS of PUL for $20 was too good to pass up. Alas, my grab bag contained faux fur PUL, canvas PUL, and a heavier-weight PUL that I think will be too heavy for pads. I'll still have loads of fun with the items that I got, but it wasn't what I'd hoped for. A great option if you want to just play around, but if you've got a specific need, this might not be the option for you, unless you're a luckier Grab Bagger than I was.

Sewing Tips: I tried to cut it with my rotary cutter and it was tricky to do.
Product Uses: Reusable chucks pads
Special needs mom? Check this out!

This stuff is great. Comes in beautiful colors and easy to sell it. I have only use it to make reusable chucks pads for my daughter so far but can for see it Being used for so many other things as well.

Looking for rip-stop this is it.

Rip-stop nylon is another way describing this. Perfect for tents, basha and bivi bags, sleeping bag, tarp/rope emergency shelters. Looking for rip-stop this is it. Wish their search engine for rip, tear, stop, rip-stop returned mediplus level 3 as a result. Took days to find this awesome material via ordered swatches. You’re welcome. This will be used to line outside a gun dog vest since cheaper then replacing the vest along with a basha bag to provide a shelter when it downpours. Either this or the procool waterproof pul will be used to store treat bag in to resolve the grease spot on cloths where treat bag rests.

Thin & absorbent

I use this for menstrual underwear. The lightest weight and quickest to dry zorb, while still being fairly absorbent. I still usually use an extra wicking top layer though for added dryness. It is a little too thin to use alone or even double in menstrual pads though, the pads ended up too floppy.

Love this fabric

This fabric is amazing... I have been a customer of another wholesale online fabric store for a long time but their quality got worse and worse and I needed a better supplier. I highly recommend buying from here, It is made in the USA UNLIKE THE OTHER I bought. I am SO happy I went with Wazoodle. The fabric is EXACTLY what I had hoped for. Yardage measures spot on and it is scrumptious and absorbent. I wanted to try it out by starting with 10 yards this time, now I know I can confidently buy a 25 yard wholesale bolt and be completely satisfied. I love it, thank you so much Wazoodle.I ordered Tuesday, got it Friday, Love that because I need it NOW for pending orders. Thanks so much!


I have looked everywhere for good quality wool fabric...this is it! This is a perfect weight for scarves - you don't even know it's there, except for it's natural feeling of warmth...you'll never want to take it off! Can't wait to get more and use it for undershirts/camis, even undies if you live in Montana like we do!

Honest Review

The fabric feels more durable and there is less pilling than other super heavy bamboo fleece fabric.

Product Uses: Cloth diaper inserts
Cloth diaper inserts

This is my second time ordering this fabric as we are now expecting another. The first time was 1.5 years ago. We used this fabric for cloth diaper inserts and are my favorite! I have tried microfiber (yuck :) ), bamboo and hemp.

We made them about 14x4 and got about 14/yard with the fabric doubled. This time around we put 4 layers of fabric on some - perfect for overnight!

We don't have a serger and the inserts have been holding up fine

Product Uses: PUL lined fabric Grocery bags.
Perfect thickness, and durability

We shop at a grocery store that requires us to provide bags. I purchased some lightweight canvas and lined in 2 mil PUL to make any leakage easy to clean up. As it happens, the first time using the bags, a package of chicken did in fact leak. Turned the bag inside out and it cleaned up easily. Excellent product !

Product Uses: Moisture absorbing pads
Served the purpose!

My daughter has windows that are not properly sealed in her apartment. In the cold weather, moisture comes in and settles on the sills. I made pads for her to absorb the water ( used double layer of zorb inside flannel). The zorb was easy to sew with and the pads seem to be helping a lot. Happy with the purchase!

Product Uses: storage pockets

My project needed a product that works with loop fabric but does not scratch the items in case they touch the hook tape as they are being stored. This product is f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e and does not scratch. The hold power is amazing! Will purchase again and again.

Grab-N-Go Mystery Bags
A.R. (Minneapolis, US)
Sewing Tips: No tips. It's all beautiful and will be easy to use.
Product Uses: I'm working on some plans LOL
Mystery Bags - wish I could give 10 stars!!

I took advantage of the sale on the mystery bags, and I received A LOT of fabric. One piece I received was a yard or so of a fabric I had wanted to try but decided against because it was more expensive than I wanted to spend for my project. That piece alone made the purchase worthwhile. I'm absolutely thrilled with what I received. I would never have been able to afford all of this fabric any other way. I can't believe how much fabric I received! The pieces are all usable for projects. There were no small pieces. Everything was at least a yard!

The only negative to the mystery bags were the colors. There is a beautiful piece of jersey that is almost a neon orange, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. I'm thinking t-shirts for the grandsons? Most of the fabrics were very dark. I would have liked lighter, but as they say: I knew the job was dangerous when I took it! LOL

Bottom line, I will not even hesitate to buy more mystery bags in the future. I just want to make sure I don't become a fabric hoarder. This fabric is so nice that it's a temptation!

Product Uses: Compressor garment
Pro Cool is awesome!

I needed to make my own compression garment due to the area I am trying to compress. I just finished making the garment and I absolutely love the fabric, the fit and how comfortable Pro-Cool is to wear. Thanks!

Sewing Tips: Always wash and dry to allow cotton interlock fabric to shrink before cutting. I find that the 100% cotton knit provides a great fit that doesn’t cling and is just the right weight,
Product Uses: Long sleeved tee shirt dress with a v neckline and a seam down the center back to allow for a great fit.
I have now found the perfect cotton interlock

I was quite pleased when this 100% cotton interlock arrived. It is a very nice quality, and I like the dusty blue color I purchased. I love t shirt dresses, and this will make a great one. The weight is perfect after it is washed and dried since it shrinks a little and the fibers become a bit more compact. This cotton interlock is hard to find, so I’m very happy to have discovered Wazoodle and will be purchasing from them often.

Sewing Tips: It sews nicely on the serger and the sewing machine. I think it’s a good idea to finish the cut edges. The cotton “frays” but the pieces are larger, more like strings or hunks, after it’s washed.
Product Uses: Stress incontinence pads.
Zorb 3D Organic Cotton

This is so absorbent and it’s also soft. It’s thinner than I expected it to be based on other reviews and information. Even being a thicker fabric, it’s not heavy. Doubling layers is also not heavy or bulky. It absorbs and holds whatever it absorbs. I love it and bought more.

Product Uses: Diapers
Great fabric

Zorb is a great fabric for diapers. Fast shipping and good variety of color options.

Sewing Tips: Sewed up beautifully and Beau wears it happily; fabric is so soft and flexible.
Product Uses: I was going to make castor oil packs, but this was much more fun!
Awesome Waterproof Dog Coat

A perfect fabric for a washable and waterproof coat for my standard poodle granddog, Beau! Came together in a few hours with linen bias binding and velcro. Highly recommend this free pattern from #ClosetCorePatterns which comes in multiple sizes.

Product Uses: Underwear liners
Perfect for liners

I bought a brand of underwear that are absorbent for women with stress incontinence. One pair cost twice what 2 yards of Zorb costs. So I decided to buy material to see if I could make my own liners. Zorn is perfect. I have been telling others they need to buy this fabric and save money too.

Product Uses: Cloth diaper inserts
Makes great cloth diaper inserts

I made two layer inserts. Just one insert lasts overnight.