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Sharon Mech Donates Face Masks and Laughter

Sharon Mech Donates Face Masks and Laughter

In Columbus, Ohio, Sharon Mech turns her quilting hobby into a force for good, sewing masks for her pastor, friends, family, and now, her new Wazoodle family. After working full-time every day as a software sales professional, Sharon goes to the Pfaff sewing machine that she inherited from her mother. She lovingly calls it ‘a grand old lady.’

The granddaughter of an upholsterer, Sharon found her mask sewing pattern at craftpassion.com and found Wazoodle by Googling mask fabrics. When she connected with us and saw that we were too busy to sew our own face coverings, she sent us 100 face masks to keep our workers safe, to give to our UPS drivers, and to others who are keeping the fabric supply chain running. She even made sample masks with different combinations of Zorb® and fabrics treated with SILVADUR that we are having tested for filtration effectiveness.


Sharon has donated countless masks to her loved ones and to those who need them most. She worked closely with us throughout the mask making process to ensure she was making safe, effective face coverings. During our correspondence with her, she filled the Wazoodle family with a lot of inspiration and a whole lot of laughter. She is a very witty individual with a lot of passion to make a difference. We are eternally grateful for all the work she did with us and for others.

“I am trying to be a force multiplier, doing the most good with limited time," Sharon says. "It’s a privilege to make these masks. The people making and distributing fabrics are keeping thousands of people like me sewing masks and gowns and gloves to keep millions of workers safe. Bless you all.”

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