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Back to the Future: Say “Hello Again” to Lightweight PUL-Wazoodle Fabrics

Back to the Future: Say “Hello Again” to Lightweight PUL

Lightweight PUL is back and in high demand. Originally created to fulfill customers’ needs for a lightweight, waterproof fabric, Lightweight PUL now serves as a lining layer for many of our customers’ creations. This versatile product can be utilized for any application where a thin, hydrophobic layer is required. It is popularly used in jackets, pillow covers, and diapers.

Very soft, flexible, waterproof fabric is created by laminating 1 mil polyurethane film to our premium quality ProCool® Lightweight Fabric. Our new lot is available in black and white, but upon special request, we can make it in any of the ProCool Lightweight fabric stock colors, including deep teal, denim blue, medical blue, seaspray, and sports navy. Special requests have a minimum purchase quantity of 100 yards. Contact us for more details: support@wazoodle.com


*Images are not the actual products. They are just references for color.


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