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Bamboo Dimple: Softer and More Durable than Ever!-Wazoodle Fabrics

Bamboo Dimple: Softer and More Durable than Ever!

Great news, Ecopreneurs: The Zorb 3D Bamboo Dimple fabric is finally back in stock after an almost 6 month hiatus, and it’s softer and more durable than ever before! Although it sold out 75% in Pre-Orders, more is on the way, so if it does sell out again, don’t worry—we'll have it available for Pre-Order and back in stock before you can say, "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." (Available in non-antimicrobial silver here).

So, Why Was the Softest and Most Popular of the 3 Dimple Products Gone for so Long? 

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, the Zorb 3D Dimple fabrics were some of the first to sell out because so many people were using them in face mask applications, such as filters and inner layers. As we rushed to make more, we ran into lockdowns and raw material shortages; the economy was shutting down, raw materials were becoming scarce, and prices were increasing. We spread the net wider, reaching out to more resources for procuring the large quantities of yarn required, but still could not get enough to meet customer demand. 

Additionally, the Cotton, Stay Dry, and Bamboo Dimple, products were made on the same machine*, so we had to juggle the production for all three types of 3D fabrics on one machine. Unfortunately, Bamboo Dimples lost the race for production time because the Bamboo yarn was more difficult to source than the Cotton fibers and the Stay Dry fibers. With only one Dimple machine, we continued to alternate production of the Stay Dry Dimples and Cotton Dimples while we waited for the Bamboo yarn. 

In the meantime, we worked on installing more machines to make the 3D Zorb products, and when the Bamboo yarn was finally received in late August 2020, we had a dedicated machine ready for making the 3D Zorb Bamboo Dimples. 

We are currently starting production on the Black color version of Bamboo Dimple AND on the big brother of Bamboo Dimple (aka Bamboo Dimple HD). Black Bamboo Dimple is not available for Pre-Order yet, but Bamboo Dimple HD is available for Pre-Order in the antimicrobial silver version here or the non-antimicrobial silver version here.

*Since July, we have put up 4 additional machines that can run the 3D Dimple fabrics. Such a Dimple predicament should never happen again.  


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