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Our Eco-friendly Textiles Now Available Through Cuddle Plush in the United Kingdom-Wazoodle Fabrics

Our Eco-friendly Textiles Now Available Through Cuddle Plush in the United Kingdom

Eco-friendly textile manufacturer Wazoodle is excited to announce they now have an EU & UK distributor. Cuddle Plush, a fabrics retailer located in Polegate, UK, has been selling textiles online since 2013 and ships to customers throughout the EU and beyond. This family-run business has an enviable reputation for providing friendly, quick and reliable service.

Sarah Wilson, co-owner of Cuddle Plush, is thrilled to be the first EU distributor for Wazoodle and offer these top-quality fabrics to EU customers. "I'm a maker and had been using Wazoodle's amazing fabrics for various projects for a number of years before deciding to launch an online fabric shop. As the business grew it was a natural next step for us to become their UK and EU distributor. Now through stocking a wider range of Wazoodle fabrics, we make it easier, quicker and cheaper for European customers to enjoy them.”

As the official distributor of Wazoodle Fabrics in the EU, Cuddle Plush offers a variety of its products, including Zorb®, ProSoft® PUL, ProECO® Organics, ProCool® Performance and other made-in-the-USA Wazoodle textiles. 

How it works? 

Simply register for an account with Cuddle Plush here and start shopping. You can purchase fabrics By the Yard and in Bulk By the Roll, directly from Cuddle Plush's website. UK & EU customers can purchase these fabrics conveniently at a discounted wholesale price with quick delivery. This provides customers with significant savings and makes the process more streamlined than importing these premium fabrics from Wazoodle in the United States.

  • If shipping within the UK, then UK VAT is already included in the product prices.
  • If shipping outside UK, then customers will settle VAT charge through the carrier.
Cuddle Plush - UK & Europe Distributor of Wazoodle

Sid Sharma, President of Wazoodle Fabrics, is pleased to partner with Cuddle Plush. He says, “We had many customers in Europe, but the high shipping costs did not allow the market to grow. We decided to have a distributor in Europe and knowing that Cuddle Plush Fabrics had been a loyal customer for many years they were our first choice. We are very happy to have them as our partners in Europe and look forward to seeing their family-owned business thrive and grow. We’re also glad that having them as our EU distributor makes it more convenient and affordable than ever for EU customers to purchase Wazoodle Fabrics directly from the U.K.”

About Wazoodle Fabrics

Wazoodle Fabrics is a U.S. based, family-owned and operated textile company that designs and manufactures fabrics in USA, made from the best yarns available and without toxic chemicals. Sustainability, family, hard work, and top-notch customer service provide the foundation on which Wazoodle is based. A textile engineer for 40 years, co-founder and President Sid Sharma is dedicated to ensuring their products meet the highest quality standards of safety and compliance.

Our Distributors in Europe

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