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Zorb® Original Super Absorbent Fabrics

Zorb® Original Super Absorbent Fabrics

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  • Zorb Original is the absorbent fabric that started it all. The fabric that has been the industry standard in the incontinence undergarment industry for decades. The fabric that has stood the test of time and continues to rank number one in super absorbent fabrics. The fabric that has created the brand, Zorb! 

    It is a non-woven interlining material which is used between two fabrics as a super absorbent layer. It should be stitched or serged between 2 layers before washing. Zorb Original is a unique fabric that is thin, lightweight and economical. It is used in the medical & incontinence industry by big brands and moms alike as the hidden absorbent layer in their reusable products thanks to its insane absorbency and durability.


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    Zorb® Original Silver Fabric (W-201)

    Retail: $18 per yard
    Wholesale: $12 per yard

    Description 100% Free of PFOS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals & BPA; Free from phthalates: contains no DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP...

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    Original price $1.00 - Original price $900.00
    Original price $1.00 - Original price $900.00
    Original price $900.00
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    $1.00 - $600.00
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