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Zorb® 4D Stay Dry Dimple Waterproof CORE ECO-PUL™ Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

Zorb® 4D Stay Dry Dimple Waterproof CORE ECO-PUL™ Fabrics

We care about your super absorption and waterproofing needs (or shall we call it superabsorbwaterprooftion). Zorb 4D Stay Dry Dimple CORE ECO-PUL is engineered with five layers: a face absorbent 3-layer fabric with Zorb® 3D fibers, a polyurethane waterproof film and an backing fabric for a soft outside surface. The Zorb 3D Stay Dry Dimple layer absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds, the polyurethane film prevents leaks from seeping through, and the super-wicking ProCool polyester outer layer fabric provides extra protection from leakage thanks to its premium hydrophobic fibers. 

Zorb 4D Stay Dry Dimple CORE ECO-PUL is an excellent choice for absorption projects, as it absorbs the quickest out of all the Dimple fabrics. Invest in quality, dual protection for all your superabsorbwaterprooftion needs (caution: superabsorbwaterprooftion is not a real word)

For an optimal comfort experience with any Zorb 4D fabrics, we strongly suggest complementing them with a ProCool moisture wicking fabric to act as the wicking top layer. This pairing effectively eliminates any sensations of dampness or wetness that may occur when Zorb 4D is used as a standalone layer in applications intended for direct skin contact.