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ProCool® One Way Wicking TransWICK® Supima Cotton Fabrics

Experience an elevated level of comfort with our collection of ProCool One Way Wicking TransWICK Supima Cotton Fabrics. These are not just any fabrics; they are designed to keep you significantly cooler and dry faster, integrating the power of evaporative cooling technology. Simultaneously, you'll experience the unmatched softness of the finest cotton ever created against your skin.

Our unique push-pull technology ensures a superior cool, dry, and fresh feel. But how does it achieve this? By ingeniously using hydrophobic yarns to wick moisture away from the skin, while the hydrophilic fibers pull the moisture to the outer layer of the fabric. Here, the moisture rapidly evaporates, enhancing the cooling effect and ensuring you remain dry and comfortable.

Whether you're crafting bikewear, headbands, t-shirts, cloth diapers, period panties, or more, ProCool One Way Wicking TransWICK Supima Cotton Fabrics are an exceptional choice. These fabrics are easy to sew with, versatile, durable, and free of any harsh chemicals. They embody the ultimate blend of luxury, performance, and ease of use.

All our fabrics are produced in quality-controlled American textile facilities, ensuring you get only the best. Once you've experienced ProCool One Way Wicking TransWICK Supima Cotton Fabrics, you'll wonder how you ever managed without this technological marvel in your creations.