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Mattress Pads Fabric Finder

Mattress pads are vital to protecting your mattress and ensuring that your mattress stays new longer. Mattress pads are a great option for people who have accidents in the night, but they’re also great as an extra precaution for everyone. They’ll protect your mattress from spills, as well as everyday wear and tear from things like sweat.

Not only will your mattress be protected, but a mattress pad is also a great way to make your bed even comfier by adding on an extra layer of cushion.

All the fabrics on this page would make great mattress pads because they’re durable, waterproof, and comfy to sleep on. You’ll be sure to find an option that works best for your mattress. Keep in mind that all the fabrics that feature Antimicrobial have the added benefit of inhibiting the growth of bacteria.