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Wicking Fabric: What Purpose Does It Serve?

Wicking Fabric: What Purpose Does It Serve ?

Whether you’re looking for breathable workout clothes or clothes that’ll keep you comfortable in humid conditions, you should try wicking fabric. Many of the clothes you wear today are made from non-wicking fabrics like 100% cotton. You’re sure to feel that when you start sweating. Moisture-wicking fabrics are unique because they help keep sweat off your skin. 

Aside from this, what makes wicking fabric so unique, and why should you consider looking into clothes made from moisture-wicking fabrics? This article will talk about the purpose these fabrics serve and how they can help you achieve higher comfort levels. 

Wicking Fabric Aids Body Temperature Control 

The main benefit of moisture-wicking fabric is that it helps the wearer maintain a comfortable body temperature. Innovative fabrics like ProCool Performance Dri-Qwick fabrics use premium hydrophobic fibers to quickly wick moisture away from the body and allow you to stay cool in hot temperatures. 

On the flip side of this, moisture-wicking fabrics can also prevent hypothermia in the winter, which can save your life. This may sound odd, but think about it: if you’re covered in sweat during extremely low temperatures, your body temperature will begin dropping. It’s the same as getting drenched in the cold because your sweat is liquid. Moisture-wicking fabric will wick away the sweat and allow you to stay warm. 

Many moisture-wicking fabrics are also lightweight, making them perfect for athletic use. You’ll notice that professional sports teams use high-grade wicking materials for their uniforms. This allows them to perform at their peak. 

They also look great, which is crucial for professional sports teams. But did you know that amateur teams can also benefit significantly from moisture-wicking fabrics? You don’t need to be in the professional leagues to want to look great.  

Simply put, it’s vital that you invest in quality fabrics. Lower-quality imported fabrics may boast somewhat similar features to more premium fabrics, but they use harmful chemicals to provide these features. This could put your skin and health at risk. Additionally, the chemicals could wash out after a few cycles, eventually rendering the fabric useless. 

Antimicrobial Wicking Fabric Prevents Bacterial Growth 

When sweat sits on your clothes for too long, it begins to cultivate bacteria. This could ruin your clothes and also make you sick. Antimicrobial fabric is infused with silver ions that inhibit the growth of odor creating bacteria and helps provide your garments with intelligent freshness protection.  

Antimicrobial wicking fabrics like our ProCool Performance Jersey Silver do just that and eliminate the risk of bacterial growth. By eliminating the opportunity for bacteria to grow, you’ll help preserve your clothes and eliminate odors that come with bacteria. 

Whereas non-antimicrobial wicking fabrics can lessen the rate of bacterial growth. This is because the wicking fabrics are constantly moving moisture to the outside of the fabric, which allows the moisture to evaporate faster. Since the moisture evaporates quicker, it spends less time on the fabric which leads to less bacteria forming on the surface of the fabric. If using the fabric for incontinence applications, then we recommend using antimicrobial wicking fabrics

One Way Wicking Fabric for Ultra High Performance Applications

Moisture wicking fabrics are designed to move moisture away from your body, which is very important for athletes competing in sports. However, the one complaint that always surfaces is that the fabric gets wet and starts slowing the athlete down and affecting their performance. When competing in sports, even a small advantage can be the difference between winning and losing. 

This is where the new ProCool One Way Wicking TransWICK series shines. These fabrics feature a special diamond mesh on one side that is designed to go against your skin. When you move, the motion causes the sweat to move with you until it reaches the other side of the fabric. Because the outside layer is a closed loop, the sweat is pushed out of the fabric and into the atmosphere.

Wicking Fabric Conceals Sweat Stains 

Sweat stains make a majority of people self-conscious. The good news is that wicking fabrics conceal excessive perspiration. This is especially true when you look at ProCool Performance Interlock Print fabrics. Not only does this premium fabric wick away sweat from your body, but it comes in a variety of patterns that can make it even harder to spot sweat stains. 

If you’re lucky enough to find clothing made from premium fabrics such as this, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to buy them. Additionally, if you’re a clothing brand looking to offer your customers quality moisture-wicking apparel, this is the fabric you should aim to use.

Quality Wicking Fabric is Durable and Easy to Care For 

Quality wicking fabric is easy to care for and will last you a lifetime if properly cared for. If you invest in clothes made from the right fabrics, such as Coolmax certified ProCool Performance fabric, you won't have to worry about shrinkage or losing the crucial moisture-wicking fibers.

It’s also important to keep in mind where you get your clothing from. As mentioned before, imported fabrics can lose their moisture-wicking ability and even harm your skin. Investing in quality clothing made from reliable and American-made fabrics like those from Wazoodle will ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of moisture-wicking materials for years to come.

Wicking Fabrics Make Fashionable Clothing 

Moisture-wicking fabrics are great for athletic wear, but they’re not limited to just this. You’ll find that premium wicking fabric can be used to create fashionable everyday wear that keeps people comfortable, no matter the occasion. 

For example, you can find quality clothing, such as t-shirts, shorts, and even bathing suits made from premium fabrics like Wazoodle’s ProCool Performance Lightweight wicking fabric. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of wicking fabrics, even if you’re just running your everyday errands or lounging around the house. 

Comfort shouldn’t be limited to a specific type of clothing, so brands should always seek out high-quality wicking fabrics to innovate their products. 

Premium Wicking Fabrics Help the Environment

Quality wicking fabrics like Wazoodle’s REPREVE are eco-friendly, making them a sustainable way for companies to manufacture quality clothing. You’ll find three to ten recycled plastic bottles in every yard of REPREVE, which helps keep plastic out of our oceans and landfills. 

Companies need to invest in quality, eco-friendly fabrics to manufacture their clothes. They help preserve natural resources by using less petroleum, energy, and water to produce. Sustainability is yet another purpose that quality-wicking fabrics serve.

Quality wicking fabric should go beyond comfort and efficiency. It should also provide an environmental purpose—think of the impact we can make if more brands use these eco-friendly fabrics for their products.

Create Quality Apparel with Wazoodle Premium Wicking Fabric 

If you’re looking for a way to create quality, moisture-wicking clothing for your brand, consider premium wicking fabric from Wazoodle. Our quality moisture-wicking fabrics are 100% eco-friendly and made here in the U.S. to ensure both quality and sustainability. 

With our premium, moisture-wicking fabric, your customers will benefit from wearing wicking apparel such as t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, athletic clothing, and more while helping the environment. 

Contact us today if you have any questions about our fabrics at Wazoodle. Our team is always ready to help you pick the right fabric for your products! 

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