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Unpaper Towels: Are They Worth It?

Unpaper Towels: Are They Worth It?

If you’re trying to save the environment and clean up spills, unpaper towels are a great middle ground. They allow you to quickly and easily clean up spills without contributing to our overflowing landfills. 

But what exactly are unpaper towels? Why should you use them? How will they benefit you? And what fabric should you use to make your own unpaper towels? 

Today’s blog is all about unpaper towels. We’ll answer these questions and help you pick the right fabric for yours! Keep reading to learn more. 

What Are Unpaper Towels?

First, we should probably define what an unpaper towel is. It’s very similar to a dish towel, but it’s not quite the same. Where you would use a dish towel to dry your hands, you’d use an unpaper towel to clean up a spill, whether big or small.

Simply put, think of an unpaper towel as a paper towel made of reusable fabric. If you use an absorbent material, you can use the same unpaper towel to clean up multiple messes. 

Unpaper towels are washable, so you don’t need to throw them out after a single use. Instead, wash them and use them over and over again to clean up spills and messes. 

Why Use Unpaper Towels?

The thing about paper towels is that they aren’t actually disposable. While you throw them away when they’re done, they don’t just go away. They end up in landfills.

While landfills exist to dispose of things like paper towels, they’re overused and overflowing, creating a hazard for us and the environment. Once they get too full, landfills emit toxins, leachate, and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In small amounts, these aren’t a big deal. But they make a negative impact in large amounts. 

It’s our duty to Mother Earth to reduce how much waste we create for landfills so that our landfills can recover from being overused. We don’t want to eliminate landfills; we just need to be careful with how much goes into them. 

Benefits of Unpaper Towels

Less Waste

Because paper towels have low fiber content, they’re not usually recyclable. Your only option is to throw them in the trash and, as a result, add them to your local landfill. Unpaper towels can be reused and recycled, making them a long-lasting, eco-friendly option you can rely on. 

Less Expensive

Of course, purchasing or making your own unpaper towels presents an initial expense that’s more expensive than a roll of paper towels. But you’ll save money in the long run. 

You’ll only need enough fabric for a week’s supply of unpaper towels. Meanwhile, buying paper towels will ultimately add up to cost way more than the one-time cost of unpaper towels. You might choose to replace them every so often, but you’ll still save money over regular paper towels.

Easy and Washable

Unpaper towels are super easy to use. And who doesn’t want an easy solution in their day? Life is hard enough! If you clean up a spill that soaks through the unpaper towel, you might want to put it in the laundry. But if you’re cleaning up a tiny spot, you can rinse it out and let it air dry—no need for a wash-dry cycle before you reuse it. 

If you have seven unpaper towels, you’ve got enough to last an entire week, so you won’t have to hurry up with the laundry. 

A Stylish Choice

You can have fun with your unpaper towels, too. Try fun colors or patterns to match your kitchen’s vibe. It’ll be a “shiny new toy” you can enjoy having in your kitchen! 

What Fabric Should I Use for Unpaper Towels?

Buying a couple of packs of unpaper towels works fine. But what if you love sewing and creating items you can use in your home? Why not unleash your creativity and make your own unpaper towels? 

You’ll want to pick a super absorbent fabric to soak up as much as possible before putting it in the laundry. Choosing a material that doesn’t quickly rot from mold is also good. You’ll want your unpaper towels to last for as long as possible.

Basic options like organic cotton and bamboo viscose are good choices. But an even better choice is the ProECO Organic Cotton Interlock SmartSilver Fabric. There’s a reason we recommend this fabric. 

The SmartSilver part of the fabric’s name refers to the fibers woven into the fabric that last for the product’s lifetime. While many fabrics are treated with solutions that provide absorbency, those solutions fade over time. That means your unpaper towel won’t be as absorbent and won’t last as long. The SmartSilver fibers won’t fade over time.

The ProECO SmartSilver Fabric is made of organic cotton, which is absorbent on its own. The woven SmartSilver fibers add even more absorbency to the fabric. This also prevents bacterial growth and bad odors and keeps your unpaper towel smelling fresh. You certainly don’t want it stinking up your kitchen! 

Other recommended fabric choices include the ProECO Organic Cotton Interlock Fabric, which comes with a LITE version, and the ProECO Organic Cotton French Terry Fabric.

For a truly super absorbent unpaper towel, be sure to check out the Zorb 3D Stay Dry Dimple LITE or Zorb 3D Bamboo Dimple LITE. Or if you want even more absorbency for the heavy spills you can go for the heavy duty options like our Zorb 3D Stay Dry Dimple Heavy Duty or Zorb 3D Bamboo Dimple Heavy Duty

Does the name “Zorb” stick out? That’s for a reason! Our Zorb Fabrics offer superior quality with our scientific blend of super-performing fibers, a multidimensional construction for superior hold, and our Ready-AbZORB technology that eliminates the need to pre-wash the fabric before sewing with it. 

Zorb has three generations to choose from, with each offering something new that you might not have known you needed. Zorb 1st Generation is our iconic favorite. It has a lightweight, thin design and is perfect for absorbent layers. 

Zorb 3rd Generation contains three layers of fabric in a single layer, is pre-shrunk and contains our 3D fibers. Finally, our Zorb 4th Generation comes with five-layer protection, a hidden waterproof layer, and super-absorbent and waterproof layers that can absorb far more than their weight.          

You can’t go wrong with any of these fabrics if you’re looking for absorbency to create long-lasting unpaper towels that reduce landfill waste, add to your eco-friendly efforts, and make your kitchen a little brighter. 

Make Your Unpaper Towels with Wazoodle Fabrics.

Unpaper towels are the next staple item you need in your kitchen. You’ll save money, and the environment will thank you. 

Wazoodle Fabrics has a growing collection of fabrics that are perfect for your unpaper towels. Easily combine absorbency with our SILVADUR Antimicrobial technology for long-lasting unpaper towels that stay fresh. 

We offer 4x4 swatches of our fabrics so that you can sample different fabrics before deciding which one(s) to use for your unpaper towels. Have questions? Need assistance? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to help! Let’s save you money and help the environment along the way! 


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