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The Best Fabrics You Can Use To Make Incontinence Underwear & Period Panties

It's a fact: as we get older, bladder control declines. This can be a disheartening fact of life, but there are ways to get around this problem. One of the best ways to keep your bladder in control is to wear incontinence underwear. These underwear have a hidden layer of absorbent material that can be worn discreetly under regular clothes. But not just any old fabric will do. Some types are better than others. We have partnered with AKAS Textiles, Lycra, CoolMax, Cotton Inc & Silvadur to design & create the best fabrics for making incontinence underwears or period panties.

Incontinence Underwear (or Period Panties) generally have two sections – the shell and the gusset. In regular panties the gusset is a single layer of a thin fabric like cotton jersey. But for accommodating periods or incontinence the gusset will need to have the features usually present in cloth pads: 

  • Wicking uppermost layer (touching the skin) 
  • Absorbent Core layer
  • Waterproof/water-resistant layer

There are several ways of accomplishing this and it depends on the design of the underwear and your personal preference. (We have no recommendations for patterns - if you have a pattern and would like to share it with others, please send it to us at support@wazoodle.com and we’ll post it up here)

Panty Shell - Soft & Comfy! 

The most popular and comfortable material for the shell is Cotton Stretch-Fit Jersey. There are several options in this depending on how light you would like it to be. You also have the option of using other fabrics but using a StretchFit one will ensure it fits well. The addition of lycra in these fabrics ensures good recovery from stretch. There are several options for elastics also. There are latex free elastics in the Fold Over, Mobilon and Knitted elastic categories. 

Stay Dry Wicking Top Layer - Only the Softest will do!

If Zorb Original is used for the absorbent core ProCool Jersey or Interlock are the most popular choices for the skin touching layer. Whereas recently, we have designed a new line of 1-Way Wicking fabrics for the incontinence industry, namely the TransWICK Fabrics. 

TransWICK Supima Cotton is the most preferred natural fabric.

TransWICK X-FIT Jersey is the best performance fabric choice.

Absorbent Core Layer - Quite Simply Zorb! 

The best fabrics are in the Zorb family. You can choose between Zorb Original & Zorb 3D Dimples.

  • Zorb Original is the most popular, it is an interlining material, so it will need to be sewn hidden between the layers. 
  • Zorb 3D Dimples does NOT need to be interlined. There are 3 different styles - Bamboo, Polyester Stay Dry and Organic Cotton. Either of them could be used depending on your design preference.

However for a panty, thinness and super absorbency is important so the best recommended fabric is the Zorb 3D Stay Dry Dimple LITE.

Waterproof Layer - Let's Hold it All!

ProSoft Waterproof Eco-PUL is the best way forward. You can choose between the 1 mil PUL & 2 mil PUL. The 1 mil PUL is by far the most popular option here. The 2 mil PUL is preferred for heavier duty applications.

Cotton Jersey Stretch-FIT LITE PUL is the most preferred natural fabric. 

Absorbent + Waterproof Layer Combined - Save the Hassle!

Additionally, you can also use one of our Zorb 4D CORE PUL fabrics, which combine the super absorbency of Zorb 3D along with the waterproof/leakproof protection of ProSoft Waterproof Eco-PUL into one layer.

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