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Are you Ready for the Ready-AbZORB Origin Story!-Wazoodle Fabrics

Are you Ready for the Ready-AbZORB Origin Story!

Today let's explore the Story of Ready-AbZorb Fabrics and how they benefit and provide cost savings and the biggest savings of all - Time (the one thing we cannot have enough of) 

Megan: The Solution Seeker

In 2014, Megan, a first time customer emailed us with a problem. She had bought some ProECO Bamboo Fleece from us & some Bamboo Fleece from an un-named online reseller and planned to use the fabric to make some diaper inserts, but could not figure out why it simply wasn't absorbing the liquid. She told us that the water was just puddling up on the fabric. We gave Megan the standard answer - "Natural fiber fabrics need to be washed before they can start absorbing." (The laundering process washes away any remaining oils that are added during the manufacturing process to keep the knitting machine running smoothly and efficiently and not removed by the final finishing process).

Megan was sorely disappointed. She was a small WAHM, who had just started making diapers for her 2 kids. She was also a forward thinker and when she did the calculations, she was upset that every time she wanted to make inserts, it would require laundering the fabric 5-7 times to bring it up to speed. That, coupled with sewing the covers, taking care of her kids, making breakfast, growing her business...(you can imagine the list here getting endless) 

Megan asked us if there was a solution to this. And to be honest, at that time we were a little stumped as well. However, we have some brilliant minds here at Wazoodle aka Arch & Sid. So we got to work. What can we do to make the fabric absorb right away, without the cumbersome washing process?  

AKAS Tex: The Solution Creator

Fast-forward 8 months, after numerous trials, we developed a proprietary deep-extraction process that removes all the absorbency-inhibiting agents from the fabric. However we were not fully satisfied. And we took it upon ourselves to hit 2 birds with one stone. Over the next 12 months, we refined this process to also help eliminate most of the shrinkage in the fabric. Phew! Finally another 4 months of market trials, we were finally able to produce our first batch of Ready-AbZORB ProECO Bamboo Fleece.

What's the benefits of Ready-AbZorb?

1. The Ready-AbZorb Quality - This new technology is standard in all our absorbent fabrics, at no extra charge. 

2. Time Savings - Well, you don't have to wash the fabric 5 to 7 times to prep it, more time to spend with family or grow your business than doing laundry :)  

3. Reduced Shrinkage - 60-80% reduced shrinkage, means you're getting more fabric for your money.

4. Cost Savings - With less laundering and less shrinkage, you SAVE Money.

Every since we created the first batch, we haven't looked back. Over the last few years, we upgraded Every Absorbent Fabric in our Catalogue to make them Ready-AbZORB, at no extra charge.

What we learnt during the process?

Mind you, Megan had only bought about 3 yards of the fabric from us at this point, however one thing we've learnt over the years is that all our customers mean a lot to us and we like to help everyone. We're a small family business so we can understand our customers needs and desires. 


This success story was only possible with everyone's help. Megan's drive spurred us into action to help work with our vendor-partners, who have been absolutely brilliant and with whom we were able to develop this wonderful piece of technology. 


To conclude this small story, we'd like to share a quote from Megan -

Arch & Sid, I cannot thank you enough! You've been a blessing in disguise. I thought I would never be able to move past having to wash the fabric over and over. And i had no idea that you were the manufacturer of the fabric as well... You have helped me save sooo much time and money with the Ready-Abzorb Bamboo Fleece. I will eternally be grateful to you"
- Megan


"Dear Megan, we are grateful to you - that you asked us that fateful question that spurred us into action and resulted in the unique Ready-AbZorb technique that has made life easier for so many people that use our fabrics"
- Arch, CEO, Wazoodle


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