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Handkerchiefs Fabric Finder

Handkerchiefs have many different applications, so naturally there are a variety of fabrics that can be considered the "best fabrics for handkerchiefs." Whether you're covering a cough, catching a sneeze or want a barrier between your hand and public surface areas, such as doors and gas pumps, you'll want the handkerchief to be soft and easily accessible.

All of the fabrics below work great as handkerchiefs, but we recommend the antimicrobial silver options and the Zorb 4D Dimple fabric the most. We recommend the silver options because they are the most hygienic; the silver kills microbes on the surface of the fabric and helps with odor control. We recommend the Zorb 4D Dimple options because one side is absorbent for sneezing/coughing and the other side is waterproof, so your hands stay clean and dry during use. The Zorb 4D Dimple fabrics are much bulkier than the other ones, but they provide a lot more protection from germs.