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Backpacks Fabric Finder

Whether we're sitting on the bus on our way to kindergarten, walking to our next college class or backpacking in foreign land, we keep our most important possessions in our backpacks. To make protecting your homework, phone, laptop and other valuables easier, we created this collection of fabrics for backpacks.

Our top choice for the most protection is our 1 mil, 2 mil and 5 mil PUL lines, as they are not only super soft, durable and flexible, but are also waterproof. Tested to withstand 300+ washings, made in USA and 100% eco-friendly, these fabrics will keep your valuables safe with protection you can be proud to wear.

The 1 mil version is available in 40+ colors and 50+ prints, the 2 mil version is available in 20+ colors and 3 prints and the 5 mil version is available in white. If you're looking for more durability and thickness, try the 2 mil or 5 mil versions.