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Here's How Using Environmentally Friendly Fabrics Will Impact Your Business

Here's How Using Environmentally Friendly Fabrics Will Impact Your Business

Using environmentally friendly products, in this case environmentally friendly fabrics, is the best way to reduce your impact on the environment. It’s no secret that we’ve put a strain on our planet as a population through years of pollution, and if we’re to fix these issues, we need to move toward the use of more sustainable products. 

Fabrics are one of the most common products that we use to create clothes, bags, wipes, paper towels, and face masks— as such, finding a way to eliminate our reliance on natural resources and harmful chemicals is paramount to not only a better world but a more prosperous and sustainable business. 

From reducing costs to keeping your employees happy and safe, here is how using environmentally friendly fabrics can impact your business in positive ways. 

Using Environmentally Friendly Fabrics Can Reduce Costs 

Not only will you be contributing to a reduced carbon footprint, but you could save your business money by switching to environmentally friendly products. For example, reusable wipes are more affordable than their disposable counterparts. Another example is cleaning wipes in an office. They go quickly if everyone is constantly using them, and by making the switch to environmentally friendly wipes, you’ll cut the need to keep buying disposable ones. 

You can make your own eco-friendly wipes by using quality fabrics like ProECO so that you know that you’re getting a reliable wipe, rather than just another product to add to our landfills.

Another typical product you’ll find in a business is paper towels. Like wipes, they’re used frequently enough to the point that you’ll find yourself making room in your budget for them alone. With reusable, also referred to as unpaper, towels, you don’t have to worry about this— you’ll be able to reuse them as much as you want, only having to worry about washing them.

You can use ProECO and Zorb fabrics to make the best unpaper towels that will not just save you money, but stand the test of time. 

Environmentally Friendly Fabrics Will Enhance Your Product 

If you’re in the manufacturing business, you know how important it is to ensure that you’re providing safe and quality products to your customers. This isn’t only good for your business, but it will keep your customers safe from products that use harmful substances. 

Zorb fabrics are a great example of this. These environmentally friendly fabrics are directly manufactured in the United States and are overseen in controlled facilities by AKAS Tex. The fabrics are manufactured to be hypo-allergenic, antimicrobial, breathable, and free of harmful chemicals like BPA and PFOA, amongst others. They’re also made to absorb ten times their weight and soak up liquid 20 times faster than other materials on the market.

By following this formula of safe, eco-friendly, and reliable products, your business will create a sense of loyalty for your customers and thrive indefinitely. Using fabrics like these to create your products makes a more significant impact on your business than you can imagine. 

Environmentally Friendly Products are Gaining More Popularity

Running a business is about giving your customers something that will improve some aspect of their lives. Eco-friendly products are becoming increasingly popular for their reliability, cost, and positive impact on the planet in our modern world. You see this in reusable bags, straws, paper towels, and other everyday products. 

Aside from providing your customers with a quality product, your goal as a business is to ultimately make sure you’re profitable so that you can pay yourself, your employees, investors, and so you can continue to produce your product or service. 

The world is changing, and people are beginning to realize that environmentally friendly products are the only way to help our environment heal. If you want to keep your business up and running for years to come, you’ll have to look to eco-friendly alternatives.

By investing in environmentally friendly products such as FoodSAFE, ProSoft, and ProCare fabrics to manufacture your goods, you’ll reach new customers and even retain current ones who may have gone with another brand had you continued to use environmentally unfriendly alternatives. This range features all Certified Food Safe fabrics, and are the only fabrics to have undergone testing.

Environmentally Friendly Companies Attract and Retain Employees 

When a company chooses to take measures to help the environment, people notice—not just customers, but current and potential employees alike. Taking a step such as using environmentally friendly fabrics either in your products or in your office will show employees that your business cares about making a change.

This translates to a boost in morale amongst employees and will reinforce their trust in their employers. Money aside, switching to eco-friendly products will cultivate a positive work environment and company culture, leading to a sustainable workforce. 

We know how good it feels to trim unnecessary spending, but the feeling that comes with knowing that you’re growing a business that people are happy to be a part of is a feeling that you can’t beat. When you get to this point, you’re changing how people think about the environment, creating a snowball effect for positive change.

Environmentally Friendly Fabrics Can Support U.S. Jobs

Environmentally friendly products can help support American jobs. Wazoodle’s ProCool fabrics are 100% made in the U.S.A., which means more job opportunities here at home. You're supporting American business by buying these fabrics and applying them to your products, but it doesn’t end there; you can hire workers to turn these fabrics into products and create jobs within your own business. 

Go Green with Wazoodle Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

We created our ProECO environmentally friendly fabrics with the planet in mind, ensuring that our products are free of harmful nanoparticles that could be detrimental to our customers and the environment by reducing our contribution to adding to our landfills— to top it off, ProECO is made with 100% eco-friendly organic cotton.

If you’re looking for fabrics that hold, capture, and disperse moisture while helping the planet, check out our range of fabrics. We offer a wide array, all of which can help you achieve a sustainable and quality product. We’ve created fabric for just about every occasion, from bibs to activewear to washcloths.

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions regarding eco-friendly fabrics by filling out our contact form today. We’re always more than happy to speak with you about our products!
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