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Back to the Future Part II: ProCool Stretch-FIT Jersey with an Update Under the Hood-Wazoodle Fabrics

Back to the Future Part II: ProCool Stretch-FIT Jersey with an Update Under the Hood


ProCool Stretch-FIT Jersey was one of our first fabrics to sell out during the COVID-19 outbreak. The stay-dry, lightweight, and Lycra stretch-fit properties made it ideal to use as the inside lining of face masks; it is breathable, keeps you cool and dry, wicks moisture, and easily contours to your face. In addition to these amazing, sought after properties, we were unable to meet customer demand because the mill that manufactures this fabric was deemed unessential and forced to shut down. So, when we ran out of ProCool Stretch-FIT Jersey in March, we could not have any more of it made...until now.


6 months later, ProCool Stretch-FIT Jersey is back with Antimicrobial SILVADUR™ 930 Flex. This new lot has been treated with a SILVADUR solution that adds positively charged silver ions to the fabric; these silver ions eliminate microbes, control bad odors, and create long lasting freshness without toxic chemicals. Your safety is our priority, so we did not think twice to add an extra layer of protection. Of course, it is still available without this feature if desired. 



Our new lot is available in black and white, but upon special request, we can make it in any one of our stock colors. Special requests have a minimum purchase quantity of 100 yards. Contact us for more details: support@wazoodle.com


Order any one of these colors:


*Images are not the actual products. They are just references for color.


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