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Zorb® 4D Bonded Waterproof CORE ECO-PUL™ Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

Zorb® 4D Bonded Waterproof CORE ECO-PUL™ Fabrics

Zorb 4D Bonded CORE ECO-PUL is one of our first-ever Zorb 4D fabrics. It offers super absorbency and waterproof/leakproof protection, but the soft white face is 100% polyester and bonded to a super absorbent Zorb layer. The layers are sonic-bonded creating crests & troughs in the fabric which allows for faster absorption and greater retention. 

To top it all off, it is laminated with a polyurethane film and blue anti-skid, brushed tricot fabric to protect the waterproof film. Conquer leaks and spills with this lightweight, economical, eco-friendly Zorb 4D fabric, designed for full size body applications like soakers pads, mattress pads, bed pads and more. 

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