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Moisture Wicking Stay Dry Layer Fabric Finder for Incontinence Underwear (or Period Panties)

Are you looking for a moisture wicking stay dry fabric that can quickly wick moisture away from the skin? All of our Stay Dry fabrics are manufactured in USA in quality-controlled facilities without using toxic chemicals & finishes and have been specially designed for using in reusable period panties.

Stay dry fabric is best used to wick moisture away from the skin to keep the wearer feeling dry. Our moisture wicking fabrics feature advanced wicking performance, which will rapidly move the moisture away from the skin into the super absorbent layer.

Choose from our Recommended Moisture Wicking Stay Dry Period Panty Fabrics collection, where each fabric is carefully selected and shop with ease knowing that each fabric is ideal for reducing cost, increasing your diaper's performance and supporting the environment. 

In addition to the Moisture Wicking Stay Dry Incontinence Underwear layer, you will also need a fabric for the Absorbent Incontinence Underwear Layer and for the Outer Waterproof PUL Incontinence Underwear Cover.